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A brand that brings creativity and comfort to your space

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Nuvocotto: A brand that brings creativity and comfort to your space

In these fast-paced times, the time we spend in our spaces is a source of comfort and peace. Making it unwaveringly essential that whatever space, it might be homes, or offices it brings us a piece of calm connecting us with ourselves and the world. And Nuvocotto; the brand that inspires the creative architecture, aims at producing the same experience for everyone. Nuvocotto’s primary focus is on Terracotta. Terracotta, when translated in Italian, means ‘baked earth’. Clay is one of the most ancient building materials, hence bringing a sense of solace into our spaces.


Nuvocotto was first established in 1999. Originally started as a clay supply chain, Nuvocotto has come a long way, changing the perception of Indian architecture. In 2011, Nuvocotto was finally established under the company FCW Tiles Pvt Lmt.

Nuvocotto focuses on solving the problem of the lack of businesses providing Terracotta across India so that designers and architects can access it freely to incorporate it into their designs confidently. However, now the establishment of Nuvocotto has brought convenience, providing quality terracotta and clay products pan India.


The brand describes its name Nuvocotto as ‘A word used to describe high quality, earthly, sustainable terracotta products, used by creative designers to transform exterior or interior pieces into architectural masterpieces. Nuvocotto has more than 23+ of experience, and 4+ direct outlets in India’s leading cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. In addition to all this, it has more than 40+ franchises and dealers pan India and it recently even began operations in UAE.


Nuvocotto is steadily creating awareness of the significance and impact of using Terracotta and clay products. They want to exhibit the innate ability of terracotta products in creating a cozy ambiance in places to remarkably influence people’s moods who spend time there.

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