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A few notes, a handful of coins and frustration on his face! The elderly were seen counting the day’s earnings, the video went viral

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Poverty makes man helpless. One of the most emotional scenes of this world is a poor man trying to run his house by adding pies. These days, one such emotional (poor old man counting money video) video is also going viral, in which you will feel pity on him and tears will also come in your eyes after seeing the helplessness of a poor old man counting money video. .

Twitter account ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai!’ But often emotional videos are posted. Recently a similar video has been posted in which a person is seen counting his daily earnings. Those people are very lucky who do not have to look at money before buying anything. Rich people have so much that they can spend money on whatever they want, but the poor have to calculate even for the smallest things. The video we are talking about also shows a poor, elderly person who is probably counting his daily earnings.

A man showing the day’s earnings count
It has been claimed in the video that the person is losing his day’s earnings. He is seen sitting on a small dhaba built on the banks of the river. Behind you will also see the water’s edge flowing at high speed. The wrinkles on the face and the sloping body are telling that he is very old. He has some notes in his hands which he is counting with his weak eyes. After counting them, he also counts the coins kept on the table and then starts groping his pockets.

People reacted to the video
This video has got more than 3 lakh views while many people have given their feedback by commenting. One person wrote – They have to wander here and there to earn even at this age, then who is responsible – 1. Their children; 2. Society; 3. Or himself. This is something to think about.” One person said that salute to the hard work of such a man.

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