Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Assam Minister Drives Boat To Take Patient To Hospital Amid Floods

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Flood in Assam: AssamRivers and streams have been flooded in the eastern part of the state due to continuous return. This has completely disrupted public life. Many states, including Assam and Sikkim, are flooded. Landslides have also been reported in some places. Many riverside areas in Assam have been inundated due to rising water levels in most of the rivers.

In Yapura, the transport minister of Assam was seen rushing to the aid of a patient. Assam Transport Minister Parimal Shuklavaidya is seen helping the flood victims. One of their videos has recently gone viral. In this video, he is seen helping the patient. It is seen in the video that Parimal Shuklavaidya operated a boat to take the patient to the hospital.

The boat operated by the Minister of Transport
According to the information received, the patient had to go to the hospital for dialysis. The rising water level of the river made it difficult for the patient to reach the hospital. At this time, Transport Minister Parimal came forward to help the patient. He helped the patient by driving the boat himself. He helped the patient to reach the hospital by running a paddle through the flood zone in Barak Valley.

32 districts in Assam were submerged
Most of the districts in Assam have been inundated due to floods in the Brahmaputra and Barak rivers. Out of the total 36 districts in the state, 32 districts have been flooded and the area has been inundated. As the Brahmaputra and Barak rivers and their tributaries overflow, much of the land has been submerged.

As a result of the floods, knee-deep water has accumulated in many low-lying areas. Meanwhile, thousands of people are being rescued from several areas with the help of Army and NDRF teams. Transport Minister Parimal Shuklavaidya is stationed at Silchar in Kachar district of Assam and is monitoring the flood situation in the Barak Valley along with local MLAs, deputy commissioners and senior officials from the three districts.

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