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D Lakhani Hospitality –An Employer Valuing Employee as Family, With Fulfilling Social Commitment

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D Lakhani Hospitality Services formerly known as Lakhani Caterers has been In Catering Service providers with more than 50 years of Experience.

D Lakhani Hospitality –An Employer Valuing Employee as Family, With Fulfilling Social Commitment

The company provides Elite Catering and Hospitality in various cities across the Nation as well as Overseas.

The Reliability and Trustworthiness of a company lies in the period of time it has existed in market with Honesty and Dignity.


D Lakhani Hospitality respects our competitor as competitor plays an important role in our journey, because they motivate us to do more and more creatives & innovative work to keep our pride on top.

It is said in proverb that

“A bad son destroys his father’s wealth, and A good son keeps the wealth safe”

but the great of the greatest son who can be called exemplary raises the fame and fortune of his father to a great extent.

Rajesh Lakhani sowed the seeds of successful hospitality company with his exemplary Son.

Dewang Lakhani is carrying this business with acumen business sense and has a great human side as well.

The kind of achievement which D Lakhani Hospitality has achieved is Incomparable and is Certainly an Inspiration to not only his Competitors but other Entrepreneurs.

The first client of their company was Bhavesh Hiralal Jethalal Parikh which Recorded Catering meal for a Thousand people in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat. The inspiration to start catering as a professional was gained from Gorbapa Kantilal Amrutlal Pandhi, who motivated Kanjibhai Lakhani (Fr/o Rajesh Lakhani) to work on this idea. The company Lakhani Caterer arranged food for around Ten to Fifteen thousand people owing to the Hindu function where Pandurang Shastri Athwale held an event for Swadhaya family, for twenty-three days straight.

In the year 2005, the marriage function of Morari Bapu Daughters was successfully arranged by the Lakhani’s Caterer’s Mahua, Gujarat We also Served President Ramnath Kovind as he was the chief guest at Morari Bapu’s CHITRAKOOT RESIDENCE D Lakhani Hospitality has been also very innovative in their business approach.

The Earth Banquet monopoly was taken hold of by them fifteen years ago, at a time when nobody else was willing to.

We have got In-house team of Chefs for All types of cuisines and don’t believe in Outsourcing just to maintain quality.

Great soul can only attain great success and certainly Dewang Lakhani is one who not only proved his greatness but he kept all his employee in the most difficult times of Covid Pandemic where in very few entrepreneurs had the generosity to do this in these difficult times as Hospitality business was disrupted. Being part of society it’s your responsibility to fulfill commitment’s related to society and Devang Lakhani is doing by this running an NGO in Vasai for the underprivileged ones. Gaushala, Orphan houses which are operated side by side.

Budding entrepreneurs can take a lesson from Lakhani

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