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Did Queen Elizabeth II die in the face of ‘Angel No. 222’? British people are claiming

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London. Britain’s longest-reigning Queen Elizabeth II died on 8 September at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She was 96 years old. He ruled for 70 years. Queen Elizabeth II will be cremated with state honors on 19 September at Westminster Abbey in London. The body of the late British Queen will be kept at Westminster Hall for four days before the funeral. Please tell that the queen was ill for the last few days. But the people of Britain are talking different things about his death. A new story has emerged about how he died.

A user on the social media platform Tiktok has claimed that the Queen died due to being caught in the trap of Angel number 222. According to the British newspaper Daily Star, a user has posted a video on Tiktok regarding this. The user has claimed in the video that many members of the Royal Family have died at Angel Number 222.

What is Angel Number?
First of all let’s know what is Angel Number? Actually it has a lot of recognition in numerology i.e. numerology. Usually there are pattern of numbers here. Like 1111 or 4444 or 321, 8787. Such numbers attract people a lot. It is believed that these numbers are messages from the spiritual universe that provide insight, wisdom and direction. Therefore, many times people consider it lucky or unlucky.

Number 2’s turn!
Now back to that viral video which is being discussed a lot at the moment. In fact, the death of the Queen has been presented by associating it with her sister and parents. In the video it is written with the photo – King George VI died in 1952. Queen Elizabeth’s mother and sister Princess Margaret died in 2002. After this, the photo of Queen Elizabeth II is shown in this video, on which it is written that she died in 2022. Tiktokar highlighted the number ‘2’ in red and wrote in the caption, ‘Strange coincidence, by the way, rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II.’

Users’ opinion
Royal fans quickly shared their thoughts, with one saying, ‘There are three 2 in 2022 in the year of Elizabeth II’s death – her mother, father and sister – please tell me this makes sense? Another user wrote, “2222 is angel number and its meaning is a powerful symbol of hope, love and positivity.

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