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Digital & Cyber Expert Sunny Wadhwani emerges as new age mentor in the digital world

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Digital & Cyber Expert Sunny Wadhwani emerges as new age mentor in the digital world

These days, you don’t have to look far for news of a massive data breach. While harmful attacks continue to harm companies and corporations, it appears that cyber security is a topic that is at the forefront of many people’s minds. On the other hand, cyber attacks have far-reaching implications beyond businesses’ bottom line. Whether you have a big or small enterprise, it can be at risk from cybersecurity threats. While there are careers in cyber security that focus on preventing data breaches, service failures, and other IT hazards, everyone should be aware of the risks. Not only that, but you need also be aware of how to defend yourself from them. One such person who can help you learn to defend your business from the threat is Cyber Expert Sunny Wadhwani.


Having co-founded Wadhwani Enterprise back in 2016, Sunny aims to help small and big organizations to its possible extent. His firm is a digital ad consultancy that provides online services like social media management, graphic designing, and video editing. He is not just a cyber expert but holds an experience of the digital world and every small bit of it. Creativity being his weapon, Sunny masters at using software for visual and video editings, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Adobe Premiere. He frequently receives invitations to speak at many conferences as a guest speaker due to his vast knowledge of the digital sphere. 


Talking about the importance of learning digital media, Sunny Wadhwani shares, “Learning digital media allows people to develop a wide range of skills, such as programming language proficiency, rapid photo, and audio editing, and intricate animation creation. New digital media applications are consistently being produced for goods ranging from smartphones and streaming devices to video-sharing platforms and social media networks. At the same time, every improvement in the multibillion-dollar film, television, and gaming sectors boosts demand. Studying digital media is a great method to get essential skills to complement your current education or to pave the way for a job that is in high demand as our workplaces move more and more toward online models.”


A renowned name in the cyber world, Sunny has completed projects which have benefitted multiple organizations from the cyber threat. Some of his notables projects that have garnered appreciation are Investigating and resolving issues on behalf of users/clients for account support and reporting potentially abusive content on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other online websites. He also empowered women and the elderly of the local community to identify and mitigate cyber threats and frauds. During the pandemic, the increase in cybercrime was arrested by organizing multiple webinars and radio shows and increased public awareness about cyber threats. It enabled 80+ local business transitions to e-commerce by designing brand identities and employing strategies to aid their online business transactions.


This 29-year-talented lad has accomplished much in his life since starting his journey. He has made a World Record for Fastest English Roman Typing by International Book of Records, Golden Book of Records, & World Record India – Typed A to Z in 1.801 seconds on QWERTY Keyboard. He also holds a World Record for Fastest English Pangram Typing by International Book of Records – Typed Famous Pangram, “The quick brown fox, jumps over the lazy dog” in 3 seconds. For his entrepreneurial skills, he has been applauded by the Youngest Digital Entrepreneur, Indore” in Super 30 of Central India’s First Digital marketing conclave “DIGICON” – Powered By Google Digital Unlocked, Organized by Mp09Digital. He has recently been recognized as Patrika 40 under 40 winner in Entrepreneur, Digital Entrepreneur & E-Business categories.


With so much talent, Sunny Wadhwani is the name one always looks for when facing a crisis in the digital world. So, if you haven’t learned from him yet, visit his profile and make sure you connect with him today. 


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