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Due to lack of attention in work, 99% of people make such mistake! You will burst out laughing watching the video

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Often people unknowingly make such mistakes, about which they get to know when that mistake is made. For them, these mistakes can cause a big loss, but those who see that mistake from the front or in the video (Man throw mobile in water by mistake video), they cannot live without laughing. The same thing happened with a man who had gone fishing. His video is going viral.

Shocking videos are often posted on the Twitter account @TansuYegen. Recently a video has been shared which is very funny viral video. In this video, a man is seen taking a selfie with him after catching a fish, but in the pleasure of taking a selfie (man taking selfie with fish video), he made such a mistake that caused a lot of damage to him. However, often people make such mistakes when they do not pay attention to the work they are doing.

put the phone in water instead of fish
The video looks scripted but is very funny. In this video a man is holding a fish while swimming on a boat in the river and is taking selfie with the fish from his iPhone. He looks very happy to take selfie. When he is satisfied by taking the photo, he makes up his mind to release the fish back into the water. But he does not care and he accidentally throws the mobile in the water instead of the fish. After that the person’s expression looks very funny.

people reacted on the video
The video has got more than 6 lakh views while many people have given their feedback by commenting. A person posted another video of the person seen in the video, in which he is eating food but in the process of laughing the fly kills his plate with his hand. One person said that the video is fake but quite funny, while another said that even jokingly, people put plastic in the water.

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