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‘First to transfer money for food, then come to the wedding’, the couple printed a strange wedding card!

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Weird Wedding Invitation: Wedding is a lifetime event for any couple. In such a situation, everyone wants that it should be made memorable. This is the reason that people do not refrain from shedding money like water in marriage and the number of people who eat and drink is less. After all, the menu and taste of the food is what attracts the guests. Although a different trend has started in foreign countries, if you want to go to the wedding, then you have to pay your own bill.

Money is spent in the preparations for the wedding and in the hospitality of the guests. Sometimes the savings of years end at the time of marriage. Seeing this, a couple put a different kind of condition. The bride and groom have clearly written in their wedding invitation that if the guests come to the wedding, then transfer some money to the bank as their food bill in advance. Not only this, they have also been asked to answer it as soon as possible.

Guests will have to pay for food
According to the report of Mirror, at a wedding, the bride and groom themselves are asking the guests to deposit their food bills in advance in the bank. A guest invited to this wedding on Reddit shared this anecdote. He told that at the end of the wedding card it is written – ‘We are humbly asking you to contribute $ 50 i.e. about 4000 rupees for food and tell us. Sweets are also included in the food. The card was accompanied by a small note card, which lists 3 places registered for wedding gifts. Those who got this card, they were understanding that now inflation and the world are different, but still they found it strange.

funny comments by people
Along with this post, the person also wrote that he can take full food and drink in the restaurant for $ 30 i.e. 2300 rupees. Commenting on this, people said that they did not like the idea of ​​telling this quick. Another user wrote that he would have registered on a funding website only. At the same time, another user said that with this condition, the number of guests coming to this wedding will also be amazing in itself. After all, who will accept this condition?

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