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Funny: Teacher asked students to make their own photo, more than one creativity came in front

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Funny News: In the age of social media (Viral Pictures On Social Media), a person gets to see a lot on the internet. Sometimes it is in the form of a video, sometimes some pictures are also such that you cannot forget them by looking at their timing and placement. Today we are going to show you some such pictures, which no one has clicked with camera or mobile, but children have made Handmade Paintings Of Teacher, especially for their teacher.

The pictures we are talking about are made by children. We cannot know what must have been in the mind of these children while making them, but their innocent creativity is dominated on the internet. The teacher just asked his students to show his pictures by making his own hands. After this, when he put the pictures made by the children on social media, the viewers were left watching.

The teacher said – make my photo, then it came to the fore…
A teacher named Nishat asked her young students to make their own photos to put them to work someday. Now children love drawing, so these children studying in the first grade made more than one picture. He put some of these best pictures on the social media platform Twitter. He tweeted and wrote – ‘I asked the children of 1st grade to make my picture and the result was funny. Here I am putting some pictures of how I look to them.

People find ‘artwork’ funny
After seeing these pictures, you too will not be able to live without smiling. Nishat himself wrote – I love my hair and my body looks like a vodka bottle. 5 out of 10 total. People also liked this post and on their behest, Nishat put some more pictures, in some of which she was seen smiling and in some books with dress and earrings have also been made.

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