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Godavari River Flood Aurangabad Rains Update Paithan Flood Latest News Updates

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Godavari Flood Aurangabad Rains : As much as 1 lakh 13 thousand cusecs of water has been released from Jayakwadi Dam Update, Godavari River has flooded. Due to this, the concern of the Paithankars has increased, and the Paithankars have spent the night awake with the worry that the discharge of water will be increased during the night. Migration of 625 families in the city has been done.

In 2006, nearly 2 lakh cusecs of water was released from Jayakwadi Dam. Due to this there was a big flood in Godavari river. As the water entered Paithan city, the citizens had to face the flood situation. In addition, as the administration is preparing to release water by one and a half lakh cusecs, Paithankars are reminded of 2006 again. Due to this, the citizens of the river bank of Paithan city have spent the night awake.

The administration is watching all night…

The release of 1 lakh 13 thousand cusecs of water was started on Saturday evening. After that, the administration gave instructions that this dissolution would be increased to one and a half lakh. Therefore, Jayakwadi administration, police administration and other local administration were monitoring the flood situation throughout the night. The inflow and discharge into the Jayakwadi Dam was recorded moment by moment.

Warning to citizens…

This year, for the first time, all 27 gates of Jayakwadi Dam have been opened. At present, 1 lakh 13 thousand cusecs of water is being released from the dam. Therefore, alert warning has been given to the citizens of Godavari Kath. Meanwhile, the administration has started moving 625 citizens of Paithan city.

Alert warning to 43 villages in the district…

The Godavari river has flooded due to the release of water from the dam in Nashik district. Therefore, 43 villages on the banks of the Godavari have been alerted. The river has flooded and the administration has given instructions to the citizens not to enter the river, not to go to the river bank with animals and other materials.

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Godavari Flood: 1 lakh 13 thousand cusecs water released from Jayakwadi dam, 620 families advised to evacuate

Jayakwadi Dam : For the first time this year, all 27 gates of Jayakwadi Dam were opened, alert warning to riverside villages

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