Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Hasan Mushrif Announced To Give A Ont Time FRP

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Hasan Mushrif: Sugarcane conference of Swabhimani Farmers Association, which will be decisive for sugarcane price in the state, will be held on October 15. Even before this conference, MLA Hasan Mushrif has announced to give a sum of FRP. So, in a way, it is being said that he had to take this role because of the rent created by Raju Shetty, president of the Swabhimani Shetkar Sangathan. On the other hand, Raju Shetty is adamant about the planned sugarcane conference and it will be interesting to see what stand he takes.

A lump sum FRP before the start of fall season in the state has always been a point of contention. Against this backdrop, Mushrif has made a lump sum announcement in the annual meeting of the District Bank. Last season, Shahu broke the deadlock by announcing a lump sum FRP. Many industrialists were present when Mushrif made the announcement.

In the last three-four years, all the factories in Kolhapur have given one amount of FRP. Kolhapur is leading in giving hundred percent FRP last season. For the last two years, except Kolhapur, FRP is given in two-three phases in other districts. On the other hand, the organization’s sugarcane conference under the leadership of Raju Shetty is being held on October 15. A struggle cannot be ruled out if Shetty demands more FRP in this conference. However, Mushrif has tried to break the dilemma.

What is the role of Raju Shetty?

Raju Shetty has said that we will demand that the amount of FRP should be increased considering the increased rates of fertilizers and labor, and the profit made by the sugar mills. In order to increase the FRP amount, the farmers are going to be made aware of this by carrying out the campaign ‘Jagar FRPcha’ in 9 places.

A 9-day Jagar Yatra will be held in Sangli and Kolhapur districts from September 24 to October 4. This yatra will be spread through ‘Jagar FRP’ at Sarud, Parite, Gadhinglaj, Nipani, Yedemachchindra, Kundal, Ghunki, Kagal, Dattawad, Chandgad, Kodoli, Waliwade and Kande.

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