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Ice cream shop served 266 milkshake flavors in one and a half hours, became a world record!

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Ice Cream Shop Serves up 266 Milkshake Flavours: There are many people in the world who love milkshakes. They may grow from small to big but their love for milkshakes does not diminish. Such people also like those shops, where they are served milkshakes with different flavors. There is a similar shop in Arizona, USA, which made and served so many flavors of milkshakes that their name became famous all over the world.

An ice cream shop in Seligman, United States has registered its name in the Guinness World Records by serving 266 different flavors of milkshakes within one and a half hours. The name of this shop is Snow Cap. An attempt was made by this shop to register its name in the Guinness World Records. For this, the shop displayed so many milkcake flavors, which are generally unthinkable.

Nacho-Burger and Peculiar Shake
You must also be thinking that how the shopkeepers would have done so much experiment with milkshake? Tried all the flavors that Snow Cap could have with milkshakes. The shop also made and offered milkshakes along with nachos, burgers and other snacks. This shop is run by a family, where milkshakes and ice cream are available. People of Guinness World Records were present when these milkshakes were made. He completed the work of making milkshakes of total 266 flavors within a total of 1 hour 35 minutes.

record shared on instagram
It has been shared by Guinness World Records from its official Instagram account. He wrote – We would not have been able to do this without snowcap staff and loving family. We did this in 1 hour 35 minutes. Earlier, 2000 students had celebrated Onam by decorating a total of 100 Pookalams i.e. flower carpets at Lull Mall in Thiruvananthapuram. This record was also popular.

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