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If the girl did the dance, the elephant took off the copy, you will jump with joy watching the video

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Viral Video: The world of social media is very strange. No matter how much tension you are in, after watching some videos, you forget all the sorrow. One such video is going viral these days, where you can see the elephant dancing. The special thing is that the elephant is not dancing to any music, rather it is imitating the steps of a small girl.

This video has been shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra. Sharing this amazing clip, Kabra wrote, “Who danced better?’. Although he did not give any information about where this video is from.

what’s in the video
Now let’s see what is there in this video. An elephant and a caretaker looking after it are seen. Standing in front is a cute little girl. This girl suddenly does a little dance step and stops. Then what was it, in a few moments the elephant shook its head and started dancing by moving its huge fluttering ears too. He kept copying the girl’s movements.

video went viral
More than 25 thousand people have seen the video in a few hours. Also, this post is getting a large number of likes and retweets. Some people, while answering Kabra’s question, said who performed well, while many people appreciated this video.

One user wrote, “Both did well. Another user wrote I was tired of studying. Video has refreshed me. Thank you sir, and many thanks to my dear elephant my companion.

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