Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Increasing Outbreak Of Lumpy Vaccination Of Stray And Domestic Cows Across Kolhapur City

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Lumpy Skin Disease: As outbreak of lumpy skin disease in livestock continues to increase, the local administration has given speed for preventive vaccination in Kolhapur city and district. Vaccination of stray and domestic cow animals in entire Kolhapur city has been completed.

1297 stray and domestic cow animals have been vaccinated in the city. In this, 133 stray animals have been vaccinated and marked with red color. Lumpy skin disease is transmitted among bovine animals such as cows, calves and bulls. To prevent this increasing spread, a vaccination campaign has been undertaken for all cow class animals in the city through Animal Husbandry Department of Maharashtra State and Municipal Corporation.

Under this campaign complete vaccination was completed in the city. For this, five teams were formed in the city through the Municipal Corporation and Animal Husbandry Department. Dr. Kolhapur animal husbandry department for this vaccination. Ravindra Vadgave, Dr. Kiran Unwane, Dr. Pravin Naik and Municipal Veterinary Officer Dr. Vijay Patil and staff did.
It is also appealing to the citizens of the city not to leave their animals in watery places, roads or public places for grazing. At the same time, those whose cows are still vaccinated should WhatsApp the name, address and number of animals to the number 9766532051.

So far 109 animals have been affected in Kolhapur district

Meanwhile, outbreak of lumpy skin disease continues in Kolhapur district and 108 animals have been affected so far. Till date 9 livestock have died out of which 6 are cows and 3 are bulls. Meanwhile, as the number of infected animals continues to increase, Rahul Rekhawar has appealed to livestock owners to vaccinate their healthy animals and treat sick animals.

In Kolhapur district, the total number of cow class livestock is 2 lakh 83 thousand 637. Till date the total number of affected cow class livestock has reached 108 in five EPIC Centers set up in Kolhapur district. Out of them there are 88 cows and 20 bulls. The number of active sick livestock in the district is 76. Livestock deaths till date are 9 out of which 6 cows and 3 bulls.

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