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Lalchnd’s new TVC spins the story of Women’s Empowerment

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Lalchnd’s new TVC spins the story of Women’s  Empowerment

The Lalchnd Jewellers brand which had clearly distinguished itself from the competition in the eastern region with its clear positioning and strategic branding. This new TVC ups the ante with its latest epic TVC that is set to spin the Lalchnd lady into a confident, sent assured and determined personality. She takes on the role of the savior.

The values of the brand respects and recognizes that women are capable of handling any situation. And that in every woman there resides a princess. It just needs that one trigger for her to pick up the mantle and take on the adversary.


Director Avinash Nanda says “We were very keen to keep the authentic protocols of the royal household intact. Every frame is laced with luxury and opulence; that is the hallmark of Lalchnd Jewellers, which is royal, and ultra-luxe.”


Lalchnd Jewellers exclusive brand values are captured in this highly stylized and sharply focused brand film that weaves its magic with the emotions, drama and action is equal measure.


My brief to the agency was simple Lalchnd is the ultimate luxury-jewelry brand and it should take aspiration to another level” Founder & Chairman, Lalchnd Jewellers Mr. Sanjoy Hans emphasizes.



Shot in true Bollywood style extravaganza at ND Studio as a huge set piece action with a royal touch making the brand highly aspirational and desirable. No effort I spared to give the brand a huge scale.


“We were very clear from the beginning that the transformation of the Lalchnd lady from a shy and coy princess to determined and action-oriented savior of the people had to be handled emotionally and with feeling” Says Creative Director Abhimanyu Mishra.


Lalchnd’s pole position in eastern India as the most exclusive jewelry brand is further cemented in this larger-than-life canvas brand film.

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