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Maharashtra Marathi News Gondia Primary Health Center Locked At Night Death Of Child Due To Lack Of Treatment, Serious Allegations Of Parents

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Gondia News: A one and a half month old baby died due to lack of treatment as the main entrance of the primary health center in Gondia district was locked at night. The families as well as the villagers have demanded action against the officials and employees concerned in this case.

Lock to the main door of the primary center, death of a child

Kalimati Primary Health Center in Amgaon taluka of Gondia district, where a 12-and-a-half-month-old boy was rushed to the primary health center for treatment due to ill health. But no one came. The employee was then called to his home and the doctor was called.

… By then the baby was dead
By the time the doctor arrived, the baby had died. The family of the deceased child as well as the villagers have demanded that action be taken against the staff and officials involved in the death of the one and a half month old child due to the negligence of the doctor. The district health officer has been asked to take action against the guilty officer and his staff.

Will action be taken against the culprits?
So a woman gave birth at the same primary health center on the day of the incident and whether the nurses were present at the place and if so, why did they not hear or why they locked the main entrance while on duty and left? Such a question has fallen on the villagers, so what action is taken against the guilty person will be important.

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