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Maharashtra Marathi News Top 10 Latest News Today Abp Majha Latest Headlines 21 September 2022 Wednesday | Top 10 Maharashtra Marathi News : ABP My Top 10 Headlines | 21 September 2022

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ABP My Top 10 Headlines | 21 September 2022 | Wednesday

1. Shiv Sena group chiefs meeting in Mumbai today; BMC will blow trumpet for elections https://bit.ly/3y3jWJp What will Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray say today? Read every update in one click https://bit.ly/3xFXUfi

2. Comedy King bid farewell to the world; Raju Srivastava breathed his last at the age of 59 https://bit.ly/3C7ocKl Rickshaw driven in Mumbai; Raju Srivastava’s journey to stand-up comedy at a birthday party with Rs 50 https://bit.ly/3qRSudw

3. Sharad Pawar’s challenge to the state government after BJP MLA Atul Bhatkhalkar’s allegations in the letter context, demands an early inquiry https://bit.ly/3BXeXvT MLA Babandada breaks down in tears in front of Sharad Pawar, talks about the love of the people https://bit.ly/3LA1f5A

4. Chief Minister in Delhi today, now he went for Maharashtra or for himself? Aditya Thackeray pinches CM Shinde https://bit.ly/3Lvs0b0 C link work in Maharashtra but interviews in Chennai, with the consent of the Chief Minister, Maharashtra’s financial consolidation begins; Aditya Thackeray’s allegation https://bit.ly/3QZqrU8

5. Scheduled FIFA program late, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar waiting for two and a half hours, Chief Minister-Deputy Chief Minister out of ministry due to non-arrival on time https://bit.ly/3S0qLTH

6. Shiv Sena Jode Maro movement against Ramdas Kadam; Shiv Sena aggressive in Pune https://bit.ly/3S2N4IA ‘What to do with these traitors, below…’; Violent protests by Shiv Sena against Ramdas Kadam https://bit.ly/3qXym9G

7. Wet driver hits rickshaw, tempo, bike in Ghatkopar; Eight people injured, including three students https://bit.ly/3UDlXWi

8. Surrender of two Jahal Naxalites in Gadchiroli, a big blow to Maoists https://bit.ly/3xGygao Naxalites preparing to increase influence in urban areas through mass movement? Possibility to participate in the security system https://bit.ly/3UmWpN3

9. Abolish NPS and reintroduce the old pension scheme; Bike rally of teachers across the state https://bit.ly/3UqVZ86

10. Konkan Railway : Good news for those traveling by Konkan Railway, Konkananya Express now ‘Superfast’, train number and schedule also changed https://bit.ly/3qUWVUR

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BLOG : Ju’leh’ Ladakh : (Part 3 ) Great Indian Traveler – Guru Nanak Devji, Article by Amol Kinholkar, Correspondent of ABP Mazha https://bit.ly/3DCmJN8

BLOG : The struggle of one-acters is different, shouldn’t they be encouraged? Article by Manjiri Pokharkar, representative of ABP Mazha https://bit.ly/3duuxpo

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Tejas Thackeray : Wildlife lover like dad, cash thumper like uncle; Who is Tejas Thackeray? https://bit.ly/3SlFrg5

ABP Maja Special

International Day Of Peace 2022 : Today is ‘International Day of Peace’; Know history and significance https://bit.ly/3f70Vz4

21 September In History : British captured Delhi, Bill Clinton-Monica sex scandal exposed in America; September 21 witness these things https://bit.ly/3SoIIvg

Raju Srivastav Death : The King of Comedy laughed out loud even while walking; The last video is going viral https://bit.ly/3DFMufk

Satara News : Sighting of leopard calf at Sajjangad, meet female and cub at midnight https://bit.ly/3DYoepd

Viral Video : Unique Bridal Photoshoot! The bride’s walk in the road full of potholes and mud, netizens were stunned https://bit.ly/3RgejhL

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