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Maharashtra News Aurangabad News Massive March Against MLA Prashant Bomb In Aurangabad Today

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Teachers Protest In Aurangabad : The controversy between the Zilla Parishad teacher and BJP MLA Prashant Bamba, which has been going on for the past few days, is increasing day by day. Meanwhile, the teachers have taken an aggressive stand against MLA Bumb, and today (September 11) a grand march is being held at the Divisional Commissioner’s office in Aurangabad. This march is taking place against the demand made by Bumb for the teachers to stay at the headquarters. Interestingly, this march will be led by a teacher-graduate MLA.

MLA Bumb has alleged that the quality of the children is being affected as the Zilla Parishad school teachers do not live at the headquarters. Bumb has also demanded action against the teachers who do not live at the headquarters. Therefore, a grand march is being taken out by teachers’ unions in Aurangabad today against Bamba. Teachers from Aurangabad and other districts are also likely to attend this march.

Such will be the march

All these marches will be led by Teacher MLA Kapil Patil, Graduate MLA Satish Chavan, Teacher MLA Vikram Kale and MLA Sudhir Tambe. There will be a grand march from Aurangabad’s Amkhas Maidan to the Divisional Commissioner’s office. After that a statement will be given to the Divisional Commissioner. Organizers have claimed that teachers from across the state will be present in this march.

Due to this, the march is going…

Talking about this, Teacher MLA Vikram Kale said that today a grand march will be taken from Amkhas Maidan to Divisional Commissioner’s Office. MLA Kale has said that this march is being held to protest against the statements made by MLA Prashant Bamb in the last assembly session regarding the teachers not living at the headquarters and to honor the teachers.

Heavy police presence…

In view of the dispute between the MLA Prashant Bamba and the teacher since last month, the police have made strong arrangements for this march. Police are taking precautions to prevent any untoward incident in the march. Interestingly, even earlier, there is a history of police having to lathicharge a teacher in Aurangabad for shouting at a march. Therefore, proper planning is being done by the police in terms of march.

Important news…

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