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Maharashtra News Aurangabad News Sambhaji Brigade Criticizes Imtiaz Jalil Over Aurangabad Renaming

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Aurangbad News: The MIM had on Tuesday staged a grand march in the city against the renaming of Aurangabad district. Since then, the Sambhaji Brigade has taken an aggressive stance and targeted Jalil. Santosh Shinde of Sambhaji Brigade has criticized Jalil not to provoke the youth. Also, how does Imtiaz Jalil get time to go to Aurangzeb’s grave and bury his head, Shinde said.

Reacting to the MIM’s march, Santosh Shinde said, “How can Imtiaz Jalil get time to go to Aurangzeb’s grave and bow down?” I mean, even today, Razakar’s thoughts seem to be full in his head. Sambhaji Maharaj’s name has been given to the city of Aurangabad, so do not insult that name by protesting unnecessarily. It is a matter of pride to name Aurangabad district after Sambhaji Raje. Santosh Shinde said that this is the reason for getting upset.

This is the wish of all Shiva lovers

Jalil’s stomach is hurting from the name change. He is sad as if his father’s name has been changed. The history of Aurangzeb who fought with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj all his life and who assassinated Sambhaji Raje. If Mavals are doing the work of erasing this history, then what is the reason for their stomach ache? Jalil has been elected by the people. Don’t be ashamed of the people. Therefore, not to oppose Sambhajinagar is not only our warning but also the wish of all Shiva-lovers, said Shinde.

Criticism from Shiv Sena too …

Shiv Sena MLA Ambadas Danve has strongly criticized Jalil after his protest against the renaming. This is just an attempt by MIM to keep Muslim voters united. Such agitation is being carried out by Jalil as the Muslim opinion is shifting as the sand moves underfoot. Therefore, those who have a meager strength in ten-twelve wards, if they challenge us, the Shiv Sena has the strength to challenge it, said Uttar Danve.

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