Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Maharashtra News Cm Eknath Shinde Hardworking And Daily 20 Hour Work Opposition Scared From Him Says MP Shrikant Shinde

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CM Eknath Shinde: At present, the opposition has no work to do in the state. Full chief minister to the opposition Eknath Shinde (CM Eknath Shinde) appear. Eknath Shinde also comes in his dreams. MP criticizes that because one person works for 20 hours, opponents have started to poke their eyes Shrikant Shinde (MP Shrikant Shinde) did. Chief Justice Eknath Shinde was together with the Chief Justice when the hearing of the power struggle in the state was going on before the Constitution Bench. The opposition had criticized Chief Minister Shinde over that. MP Shinde replied to him.

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s son and MP Srikanth Shinde said that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde is not only Ganeshotsav but also the ways in which he took decisions as Chief Minister. His opponents have feared him. MP Shinde said that how this man can work 20 hours a day, these things are now glaring in his eyes. This is just the beginning and Srikant Shinde said that ‘Ye Zaki Hai, Picture Abhi Baqi Hai’.

The government in the state is a majority government. Opponents have nothing else to do but sit in opposition. They see only Chief Minister Shinde full time. Not only this, MP Shinde said that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde is coming even in his dream.

The new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, CJI Uday Lalit, was felicitated by the Mumbai High Court on Saturday. On this occasion Chief Minister Eknath Shinde showered praise on the Chief Justice. On this, Congress and NCP targeted the Chief Minister. NCP State President and former Water Resources Minister Jayant Patil expressed his displeasure by saying that Chief Minister (CM Eknath Shinde) sitting on a platform with Chief Justice of Supreme Court (CJI Uday Lalit) while the hearing is going on in front of the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court is not up to the mark. is

Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant has also targeted Chief Minister Shinde. He has said that when the validity and legality of the Shinde Fadnavis government is being examined by the Hon’ble Supreme Court itself and it is a situation where not only the current state government but also the person leading the state can be disqualified, it is natural that the inconsistency on the platform should arise, Sawant said.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde was criticized for preferring to visit public Ganeshotsav mandals instead of government work during Ganeshotsav. While Chief Minister Shinde was on a visit to Pune, he gave only a small amount of time to a meeting related to development work in Pune. So, the entire day was given to visit the Ganeshotsav Mandal. The chief minister was criticized for that.

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