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Maharashtra News Criticize On Mp Navneet Rana And Mla Ravi Rana Over Ganesh Immersion

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Navneet Rana: of Amravati for the past few months MP Navneet Rana (Navneet Rana) and her husband Ravi Rana (Ravi Rana) are constantly in the news. The Rana couple is now in the limelight once again with the video of Ganesh Virsjana. While immersing the idol of Bappa (Ganesh Immersion), the Rana couple threw the idol directly into the water, and they are being criticized on social media. Had the same action been taken by others, the Rana couple and the BJP would have taken issue with it. But now, social media users have said that they are silent. Shiv Sena deputy leader Sushma Andhare has also criticized the Rana couple.

Navneet Rana and Ravi Rana had taken a complementary stance on the issue of Hindutva politics in the past few months. A few days ago, Navneet Rana created a ruckus in the police station on the issue of love jihad. So, during the Mahavikas Aghadi government, the Rana couple had announced that they would visit Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s Matoshree residence and chant Hanuman Chalisa. The Shiv Sainiks were aggressive in Mumbai on this issue. So, the opponents raised questions about Shiv Sena’s Hindutva. However, now the Rana couple is in trouble over the issue of Ganesh immersion. In the viral video, it is seen that while bidding farewell to Bappa, the Rana couple threw their Ganesha idol into the water. The water in which the idol was thrown is also claimed to be muddy. After this video came to light, angry reactions have started pouring in on social media against the Rana couple. Some users expressed their anger saying that they should see the actions of Hindutva contractors. So, some asked why this is your Hinduism. Some have demanded that a case be registered for insulting the Hindu deity and religion.

Arrows of criticism from Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena deputy leader Sushma Andhare has criticized MP Navneet Rana. Andhare demanded that the violence started by Navneet Rana in the name of religion should be stopped. They constantly create confusion for Hindutva. However, Andhare added that they cannot be called Hanuman Chalisa, nor do they know why Hanuman is called Hanuman. They don’t know how Bappa’s immersion is done. They just try to stay in the limelight. Sushma Andhare also criticized that Rana only wants to stay in focus.

Confusion over ‘Love Jihad’

A few days ago, Navneet Rana had created a ruckus in the police station by alleging that a girl in Amravati was abducted due to ‘love jihad’. At this time, Rana was criticized due to his insults to the police officers. Police detained the missing girl from Satara. This time, the girl told the police that she left the house because of the trouble at home.

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