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Maharashtra News Maoist Naxal Movement May Trying To Spread In City Areas Reveal Secret Documents

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Naxal Movement: Against the Agrarian Act Violence in Farmers’ Movement Either way or the violence related to the Agniveer scheme… Naxalites themselves have now admitted that they have created instability in the country by inciting the youth. Not only this, the Central Committee of Maoists has claimed through a letter that our people will intrude in such agitations in the future. The Central Committee’s paper has suspected that Naxalites are trying to gain confidential information by entering the army or police force through army recruitment process or other police recruitment process.

On the completion of 18 years of the formation of the banned organization CPI-Maoist, the Central Committee of Naxalites (Maoists) has issued a leaflet. Naxalites have said that they have successfully infiltrated the violent farmers’ movement in Delhi. The Naxal leaders of the Central Committee have given orders to their cadres to join this kind of movement openly and secretly in this letter. Maoists were also active in the agitation against the Indian Army’s Agniveer scheme, the paper said. This paper has given the information that the Maoists have secretly entered into many other agitations through the ‘United Forum’ of the Naxalites.

In this 22-page paper, the Central Committee of Naxalites has given an account of the violent activities carried out by the Naxalites and their supporters in various parts of the country throughout the year. In that, the Central Committee has given the information about the agitation for the release of those imprisoned in the famous Bhima Koregaon case in Maharashtra. Moreover, the future roadmap mentions that a violent protest can be successfully carried out against the land, mines and other concessions given to various large industrial groups in the country for industrial activities… and also on the issue of increased oppression of religious minorities and women, the future roadmap is mentioned in this paper.

Naxalites will join the army, police force?

Suspicions have arisen through this paper that Naxalites may try to infiltrate the army, police and other security forces through the recruitment process of Agniveer Yojana, police or other security forces in future. According to Sandeep Patil, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Maharashtra Police’s Anti-Naxal Squad, Naxalites may try to join the army or police force through the recruitment process of firemen or police. Naxalites know very well that their fight with army and police will continue forever. Therefore, Naxalites will need the confidential information of security forces while fighting the army or police in future and for the same reason they may try to infiltrate these forces through recruitment process. However, Sandeep Patil said that security forces and police are already alert

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