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Maharashtra News Nashik News Bad Condition Of Roads In Nashik In Four Days Of Rain

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Nashik Rain: Nashik: Due to the rains that have been continuing for the last four to five days, the main roads in the city along with other parts of the city Road sieve Is done. So right now vehicle owners have to do a big workout. In addition, due to the presence of potholes in the water, vehicles have also been stranded during traffic.

Heavy rains lashed the district including Nashik. Many rivers and streams started overflowing. Roads in many places were flooded. Similarly, due to the rains in Nashik city, the condition of the road is deplorable. The time has come for everyone to say pit in the road or pit in the road. Four days of rain in the city have caused potholes in many places. This is a big exercise for motorists. Therefore, at present, Nashik residents have to travel through a pit with water.

Roads in Nashik were temporarily filled with stones before the monsoon. However, during these four days of rains, the roads have become dusty. Roads in the city including Nimani bus stand, Thakkar Bazar bus stand, Shri Rami Vidyalaya, Peth Road, Tarwalanagar, Rau Hotel premises, Raviwar Karanja have been blocked due to this rain. Large pits have been dug in many places and the stone used for filling the pits is also seen to be awkward. This makes it very difficult for two-wheeler owners to exercise while driving. Due to stagnant water in the pits, the number of vehicle occupants falling has also increased as the drivers do not even notice whether there is a pit or not.

The roads are heavy, the city is heavy,
Meanwhile, a city with heavy roads is said to be heavy. The development of any city depends on the roads. But the roads in the city, known as the Smart City, seem to be on ventilators. The question of whether there are potholes in the city or the roads in the potholes is currently facing the condition of the roads in the city. The roads are in a bad condition due to the rain gutter scheme started by Nashik Municipal Corporation. As a result, citizens are facing many difficulties. In the rainy season, this serious situation has become a habit. In Nashik, even if it rains a little, there are big potholes on the road.

Negotiations for pre-monsoon works
Road repairs were carried out in some parts of Nashik city before the monsoon. Roads were paved with stones. Asphalt road works were carried out in many places. The work has been hampered by four days of rains. Moreover, once again the situation is as it was. So vehicle owners have to do a big workout.

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