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Maharashtra News Nashik News Nashik Engineer Suspended For Accepting Bribe Of 28 Lakhs

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Nashik Bribe Case : Dinesh Kumar Bagul, a bribe-taking engineer of the Public Works Department, who accepted a bribe of 28 lakh rupees in the contract for the work of the Central Kitchen in Harsul of Tribal Department, has finally been suspended by the department. Interestingly, while the order of Bagul’s suspension was issued a week ago, it has come to light that the construction department of Nashik concealed it.

of Nashik The Executive Engineer of the Construction Department of Tribal Development was arrested red-handed by the department while accepting a bribe of 28 lakhs. After that the matter was well known. An action was taken in the case of asking a bribe of 12 percent for the work of central kitchen of girls in Harsul of Trimbakeshwer taluka. After Bagul’s arrest, there was excitement in the construction and tribal departments. There was a big panic in the hands of the anti-corruption department from the arrested Bagul’s house. ACB seized Rs 1.5 crore cash from Bagul’s house in Nashik, Pune.

Meanwhile, Dinesh Kumar Bagul has finally been suspended in this case. But when the order of suspension came a week ago, why so much delay in taking action? Such a question arises. Bagul was in police custody for three days after his arrest. He was then sent to judicial custody. Interestingly, even though the Ministry had given the order for the suspension of Bagul a week ago, it has come to light that the Public Works Department of Nashik has concealed it.

Follow the order for a week
The tribal development department is always in the news for one reason or the other. In the month of August, Dinesh Kumar Bagul’s percentage issue was again in discussion. It is important to get suspension orders immediately after the arrest. But it is said that it did not happen. Officials said that the suspension order was issued to the minister a week ago, but it has been revealed that the action was taken late. So, is there an intention to cover up the matter in the tribal development department? Such a question has been raised. Interestingly, Bagul is also being said to have the upper hand of a former mantra. That’s why there is a discussion that he has been shown kindness till now.

What exactly is the case?
A central cooking house is to be set up in a boys and girls hostel at Harsul in Trimbak taluk of Nashik. A fund of nearly two and a half crores will be used for this. The online tender process has been completed for this. RK Infra Contro for requesting copy as well as issuing commencement order. Remuneration at the rate of 12 per cent was sought from the complainant in the said company. Bagul had asked for a bribe for a work order of two crore forty lakhs for the central kitchen. Bagul accepted an amount of 28 lakh 80 thousand rupees at his residence.

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