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Maharashtra News Nashik News Rescue Of Tourists Lost At Harihar Fort Trimbaeshwer

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Harihar Fort : Nashikof (Nashik) Trimbakeshwar (Trimbakeshwer) Taluka Harihargarh At (Harihar Fort), four people who came for tourism from Malegaon got stuck in the dark when they missed their way while getting off. The incident happened late at night. Meanwhile, being contacted in time, the forest guard, forest labor rescue team safely landed them under the fort late at night. Due to thick fog in the fort at night, these tourists were stuck. But due to this, the issue of safety of tourists has once again come to the fore.

Trimbakeshwar area including Nashik city has been receiving heavy rain for the past three days. In this way, after the ban on tourism in the interim, the flow of tourists was seen to have worked. But once again the tourists have shifted their march to the tourist places in Trimbak area. Against this backdrop, four friends who came from Malegaon for tourism could not wait to get down from the fort. Missing the path leads to it. Finally, after the matter was pointed out by a local youth, the four were brought down. For this, the forest department and climbers carried out a rescue operation and brought down the lost ones safely.

A few days ago, a group of ten to twelve people got stuck in Dugarwadi area and created a dilemma for the administration. After an overnight rescue operation, the concerned group was successfully evacuated. But one of the group lost his life in this. After this, the administration became alert and banned the tourist places in Trimbakeshwar area. After that, the flow of tourists decreased. But as soon as the administration is neglected, tourists have started flocking again. Faizan Ahmadullah Hipdula, Shehmud Yusuf Jamal, Sahjud Rehman, Mohammad Rafiq from Malegaon had come to Harihargarh for tourism. After sightseeing in the fort area, they left for their return journey. But they lost their way. A young man from Nirgudpada Harshwadi realized this as he got stuck due to darkness.

Meanwhile, local youth contacted and asked to stay at the same place. Around ten o’clock in the night, the District Disaster Management Department came to know that these tourists were trapped. The team rushed to the spot along with a team of Rural Police Trimbakeshwar, Forest Department, Disaster Management Mountaineers. Meanwhile, after an hour-long rescue operation, four tourists were safely brought to the base. So everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, there was a lack of guidance for the tourists going to Harihar Fort. The efforts made by the Provincial Magistrate, Tehsildar, Police Department, Forest Department officials, Gram Panchayat officials, representatives of the Joint Forest Management Committee proved fruitful.

Tourists lack of guidance!
Harihar Fort in Trimbakeshwar taluka is a fort in dense forest and very difficult to climb. It takes about five hours to come and go. There are about two and a half kilometers of unpaved roads, footpaths and two hundred difficult steps. So if tourists go to the fort late at night, they cannot find their way back. Therefore, the forest department should ensure that no one goes to the above place after four in the evening. Tourists are novices. Guide them properly. Directional board should be installed. It should be planned that the outpost at this place can be kept functioning.

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