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Maharashtra News Nashik NMC Employees Will Get Difference Of 7th Pay Commission In August

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Nashik NMC: Nashik (nashik) Municipal Corporation There is good news for the employees (Nashik NMC) and the difference between the Seventh Pay Commission will be given to the employees in August. Municipal Commissioner Ramesh Yavar has given information about this. After this news, the employees of the corporation have thanked the commissioner.

As many as four and a half thousand employees of Nashik Municipal Corporation will be given the difference of the 7th Pay Commission on the lines of Central and State Government employees. This amount is around Rs. The amount in the first phase will be paid from the salary for the month of August, i.e. in September.

Meanwhile, the first phase will cost a total of Rs 96.32 crore. The decision taken by Municipal Commissioner Ramesh Pawar in this regard will be a pleasant relief to the employees. The employees have thanked the Commissioner. A minimum of Rs 100 crore will have to be provided in the original budget every year to cover the difference. From April 2023, the actual salary of Rs 15 crore will have to be transferred to the reserve fund from the Municipal General Fund. So that an adequate provision will be available in the payroll fund until the difference is paid. The Seventh Pay Commission was imposed on employees from January 1, 2016. So far they have not received the difference amount. This amount will now be disbursed in five installments. The difference in the first phase will be paid in the month of August.

The total amount due to the regular employees of Nashik Municipal Corporation from 01-01-2016 to 31-03-2021 is 206.54 crore. The salary arrears of teachers and non-teaching staff in the education department is 34.70 crore. At present, out of Rs 231 crore in the three-month reserve pay security, only Rs 72 crore is left for difference. In such a situation, the difference of Rs 20 crore is being matched by the Accounts Department. The Seventh Pay Commission is expected to increase staff salaries by Rs 50.64 crore and retirees by Rs 14.28 crore.

Municipal Commissioner’s promise fulfilled
While fighting the battle of Corona, the officers and employees of the municipality were fighting with insufficient manpower and generosity. The issue of payment of the Seventh Pay Commission difference has been pending for the last several years. Against this backdrop, the first installment of the difference will be paid as soon as possible, assured Commissioner Ramesh Pawar. It is about to be completed.

65 crore per annum
The Pay Commission will benefit 4,673 permanent and 3231 retired employees of 181 cadres, excluding five government deputation officers from various 186 cadres of Corporation officers and employees. Of course, the figures are six months ahead of last year, with about 200 to 300 employees retiring. According to a report last year, Rs 245 crore was spent annually on salaries and Rs 62.88 crore on pensions. The Seventh Pay Commission will increase the salaries of employees by Rs 50.64 crore and that of retirees by Rs 14.28 crore. Therefore, NMC will have to bear an additional burden of Rs 65 crore annually. The annual salary of the corporation was also going to be 295 crore 64 lakhs. However, now that all the accounts have been changed, retired employees will have to pay the difference, graduation and other benefits.

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