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Maharashtra News Nashik Rain Discharge Of 5 Thousand Cusecs From Gangapur Dam

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Nashik Rain : For the last three days NashikIn Nashik district, there is no sunshine and the rain continues. With Nashik Gangapur DamDue to the continued presence of rain in the catchment area of ​​Gangapur Dam, 5 thousand cusecs of water has been discharged from Gangapur Dam into Godavari tank. Due to this discharge, the water level of Godavari has increased and there is a possibility of flood situation once again.

Meanwhile, for the last three days, the rainfall has increased in Nashik city and the entire district. There has been heavy rain in some parts of the district since last night. The water level of the Godavari has increased due to continuous flooding in the cities of Nashik as well. Also, in the catchment area of ​​Gangapur Dam, Trimbakeshwar, Amboli, Verdunje areas have continued to receive continuous rain and the water level of Gangapur Dam has increased. Therefore, the discharge from Gangapur Dam is being done in a phased manner.

The rains have started from the beginning of September and after taking a break in the interim, the rains are continuing again. It has been raining continuously for the last two to three days in the catchment area of ​​Trimbakeshwar and Gangapur Dam. At the same time, rain is also going on in Igatpuri. In the catchment areas of other dams in Nashik district, there is heavy rain in Palkhed Dam, Mukne Dam area. Therefore, seeing the situation step by step, the discharge of water there is also being increased. Therefore, alert warning has been given to the citizens living along the river Godavari.

At present, 5 thousand cusecs are being released from Gangapur Dam. While there is continuous rain in the Gangapur dam area as well as in the catchment area and due to the heavy rain, 3000 Cuses of Gangapur dam was released at 12 noon. After that discharge of 5000 cusecs has been started at 1 pm. Also, if the rain continues, the discharge will be increased gradually. Currently, the water level of Godavari has increased as the speed of water has increased even under the Holkar Bridge. Therefore, as the rainfall is increasing in Nashik district, water is being released from Gangapur dam at a rate of 5000 cusecs.

Crisis on rice farming
Due to heavy rains in Nashik district, rice farming has become a crisis. As rice cultivation is done on a large scale in Trimbakeshwar taluka, the rice growers have run away. The farmers who planted paddy in the first week of July. On such rice plantations, while the rice is sprouting, water seeps into the seed, causing a danger to agriculture. As the rice farming in some areas has gone completely under water, there are signs that rice farming is in danger.

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