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Maharashtra News Shivsena Slams Amit Shah Speech On Bjp Mission Mumbai Due To Modi Pawar Good Relation Amit Shah Gets Bail Says Shivsena

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Shivsena On Amit Shah Speech: Union Home Minister on Mumbai visit Amit Shah Today to the criticism made by Shiv Sena A strong response has been given from the ‘Rokhthok’ Sadar in the mouthpiece match. Amit Shah should always be grateful to Maharashtra and Marathi people. While the ‘UPA’ government at the center is washing its hands behind Modi and Amit Shah, the Shiv Sena has revealed that it was because of the harmony between Modi and Pawar that they got bail in a case. Uddhav Thackeray and Sharad Pawar will also speak on this issue, it was mentioned in this ‘Rokhthok’ Sadar.

Amit Shah had visited Mumbai to have darshan of Lalbagh Raja and other leaders during Ganeshotsav. During this visit, he addressed the office bearers of BJP in connection with the Mumbai Municipal Elections. At that time, he had appealed to BJP to dominate politics in Mumbai and to show Uddhav Thackeray land. Shiv Sena has taken the news of Amit Shah’s statement in the ‘Rokhthok’ section of Daily Samaan. Shiv Sena has criticized Amit Shah’s speech as the height of ingratitude.

The terrible face of Shah and BJP exposed

Shiv Sena said that the terrible face of Amit Shah and BJP’s ‘Mission Mumbai’ has been exposed. Amit Shah and his people should keep repeating such speeches. The Shiv Sena mentioned that this will lead to an outburst of public opinion. The article claims that they have decided to take control of Mumbai by putting a gun to the shoulders of the Shinde group and by taunting Raj Thackeray. In 2014, Shiv Sena broke its alliance with BJP on two seats, Shah blames. So why didn’t BJP go back two steps (spaces) to preserve 25 years of friendship? Shiv Sena also asked this question.

Shinde is the handiwork of Amit Shah!

The Shiv Sena also attacked the rebel leader and the Chief Minister of the state, Eknath Shinde. After 2014, Amit Shah launched many vicious attacks on Shiv Sena and Thackeray. Shiv Sena also reminded that the language used was ‘Shiv Sena Ko Ptak Degen’, but Eknath Shinde had not even protested that statement. When many Shiv Sena leaders and spokespersons broke down over ‘Ptak Deng’, Shinde’s self-esteem, pride, Hindutva had melted like a snowball. Even then, Amit Shah was going to bury Shiv Sena and even today he has the same dream. On both occasions, the Shiv Sena alleged that Shinde was acting as Amitbhai’s henchman and appeared to be saving his own skin. Amit Shah’s anti-Maharashtra statement should lead to a revolt in the Shinde group, but how can we expect self-respect from the helpless and dishonest? Shiv Sena has asked this question to the Shinde group.

Bail due to harmony between Modi-Pawar

Shiv Sena said that Amit Shah has hatred towards Maharashtra. Shiv Sena has made a big secret explosion by saying that Shah should always be grateful to Maharashtra and Marathi people. While the ‘UPA’ government at the center was washing its hands behind Modi and Amit Shah, it was the harmony between Modi and Pawar that helped Amit Shah get released on bail in one of the Godhra massacre cases. ‘Samana’ said that this is not a secret explosion but the truth. In another case, Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray arranged to help Amit Shah by acting in a ‘Sarkar’ style. Only Sanjay Raut can write independently on both these occasions. Sharad Pawar and Uddhav Thackeray can talk; But the Shiv Sena has criticized that Amit Shah and his people are running an extreme mission against the same Thackeray-Pawars.

Shah should make a similar speech

Shiv Sena has appealed to Amit Shah to speak against it consistently. Amit Shah comes to Mumbai and sows such poison and the ‘Marathas’ in the BJP applaud it. It is unlikely that a Chintamanrao Deshmukh will emerge in the BJP. But Amit Shah should continue to speak the language of burying the Shiv Sena and teaching the Thackerays a lesson. Shiv Sena said that only through that will new heroes and warriors be born. Shiv Sena has harshly criticized that those who call themselves Shinde group are sleepless because they have circumcised their self-respect.

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