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Maharashtra News Two Maoists Surrender Who Was Rewarded Of Six Lakhs In Gadchiroli

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Gadchiroli News: On the date of merger To the Maoists (Maoists) have suffered a big blow. Two Jahal Maoists surrendered before the Gadchiroli police. There was a reward of six lakhs on both these Maoists. The surrendered Maoists have been identified as Anil Kujur (age 26) and Roshni Pallo (age 30). Both of them said that they surrendered because they were fed up with the activities of the Maoists.

Anil Kujur, a surrendered Maoist, joined the Maoists in 2009. He has since worked in Kansansur and Militia. Anil was involved in the encounter in Khobarmendha in 2011. A CRPF jawan was martyred in this encounter. So, five jawans were injured. Apart from that, he was also involved in the encounter between Nihaikal and Gyarapatti. Five CRPF jawans were injured in this. In the same year, he was involved in another forest encounter.

Anil Kujur said that the government is running various schemes for the benefit of the people. The Maoists were not ready to accept that it was benefiting the people. He said that poor tribals are being exploited by senior Maoists for their own benefit. If a member of the Maoist dalam is married, he cannot lead an independent life. Gadchiroli Police is on a campaign against Naxalites. So it is not safe to stay in the forest now. Anil Kujur claimed that senior Naxalite leaders are using the movement’s money for their own personal expenses.

Gadchiroli Superintendent of Police Ankit Goyal said that the female Maoist Roshni had been part of the Maoist movement since 2009. She was working in the technical department of the Maoists. Apart from that, she has also fulfilled the responsibility as Deputy Commander. In the year 2015, she was involved in the forest encounter in Kundala. By the end of 2015, she had killed three innocent people in Irapner.

Roshni said that there is discrimination between men and women among Maoists. Female naxalites are not given prime responsibility. During the encounter, the male Naxalites run away. However, Roshni said that the women were being killed as they could not escape.

Anil is a resident of Etapalli taluka while Roshni is a resident of Narayanpur, Chhattisgarh. In the last two years, a total of 51 Naxalites have laid down their weapons and surrendered before the Gadchiroli police.

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