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Maharashtra Political Crisis BJP Narayan Rane Challenges NCP Sharad Pawar On Tweet

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Mumbai: Rebel MLAs are about to come to the House and vote as they please, even if their hair is pushed, it will be difficult to reach home, the Union Minister Narayan Rane By the President of the NCP To Sharad Pawar Is given. Therefore, there is a picture of a single sensation in the political arena. The assembly is the way to prove whether there is a majority or not, so the rebels will have to come back for it, said Sharad Pawar. Narayan Rane has given this reaction.

Narayan Rane has tweeted after Sharad Pawar’s press conference. In it, Rane says, “Hon’ble Sharad Pawar Saheb is threatening all of them, ‘Come and show it in the hall’, they will come. They will come and vote as they please. Even if their hair is pushed, it will be difficult to reach home.”

As Narayan Rane threatened Sharad Pawar in a way, his reaction is now erupting in the political arena. Narayan Rane has also challenged Sanjay Raut.

The departed MLAs will have to return
Sharad Pawar had said, “I believe that the outgoing MLAs will be with Shiv Sena when they return to the state. The government will have a majority when the majority is tested in the Assembly. I have seen such a situation many times before in Maharashtra. The people who went out, their leader says that they are upset with the Congress-NCP in power, so why didn’t they raise their grievances earlier? They have to come here to prove a majority. “

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