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Maharashtra Political Crisis Shiv Sena MLAs In Touch With BJP State Intelligence Report To CM Two Months Ago

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Maharashtra Political Crisis: Eknath Shinde Due to his rebellion, the government of Mahavikas Aghadi has come under threat. However, the state intelligence agency (SID) had informed the government two months ago that 10 to 12 MLAs in Maharashtra were preparing for mutiny. The intelligence department had issued instructions to the Chief Minister’s Office and the Home Department in this regard. However, ABP Mazha has come to know that the situation has arisen due to the negligence of the Chief Minister and the Home Department, despite receiving instructions from the intelligence department.

Sharad Pawar had expressed his displeasure over the Home Department in the case of Eknath Shinde’s mutiny. However, the state intelligence had given the information to the Home Department and the Chief Minister’s Office two months ago. The SID had said that several MLAs from Mumbai, Mumbai suburbs, Thane and Raigad districts, including Mumbai, were in touch with BJP leaders. However, there was no information about Eknath Shinde. The confidential information was given by SID officials two months ago but was ignored by the Home Department and the Chief Minister’s Office. Most importantly, the SID officials did not pay attention to this report because even if 10 to 12 MLAs left, it would not affect the government.

The government remained engaged in the politics of Hanuman Chalisa, Bhonga Vaad, Mohit Kamboj, Andolan, Allegation. Meanwhile, the Opposition increased the number of MLAs from 10 to 12. After June 20, when the MLA became unreachable, the government cracked down on the intelligence department. The commissioner was also called to the Varsha bungalow. Not only that, NCP’s Sarvesarva Sharad Pawar also expressed his displeasure over the Home Department.

The SID’s job is to monitor possible developments in the state, political developments and movements, crimes as well as advance notice of anti-social, terrorist and Maoist activities. Established the State Intelligence Department to keep a close watch on political developments in Maharashtra. According to a senior IPS official, political developments are often reported to the government.

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