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Maharashtra Rains Rain Live Updates Red Alert issued in Palghar Pune Gadchiroli Mumbai Pune Nashik Rain Weather Update Know rainfall conditions across state

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Maharashtra Rain Updates: Statewide Heavy rain Has grown well. Due to continuous rains, water levels of many rivers (Maharashtra Floods) and dams in the state have increased. Floods have hit many places and disrupted life. A red alert has been issued for Palghar, Pune city and Gadchiroli for the next two days. Therefore, the administration has instructed to leave the house only if there is urgent work. According to the latest radar and satellite observations, moderate to heavy rains are expected in Mumbai, Thane and Raigad and some parts of Palghar for the next 2.3 hours.

Two days of heavy rains in Palghar, red alert issued

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and the Regional Meteorological Department, Mumbai have forecast heavy to very heavy (heavy) rains in Palghar district between July 12 and 14 and a red alert has been issued. In Jawahar, Mokhada, Wada, Vikramgad and Talasari talukas, torrential rains may cause flooding in some places. In this situation, District Collector Manik Gursal has instructed to keep the school closed after discussing with the sub-divisional officers

Pune Rain Update for Pune City for next two days

So far 30 per cent area has been planted in Pune district. This includes paddy and other crops. The crop has been planted on 46000 hectares. If the rains continue like this, the amount of crop cultivation will increase. A red alert has been issued to the city for the next two days.

Khadakwasla Dam 100 percent full, discharge at 5992 cusecs

Due to torrential rains in Pune city and dam area for the last three to four days, Khadakwasla Dam has 100 per cent water storage capacity. The water was discharged from midnight considering more rain forecast. Initially about 1000 cusecs of water was being released. The discharge from the dam drain has been increased from 3424 cusecs to 5992 cusecs from 12 noon today.

Warha warning of heavy rains in Wardha district, citizens appealed to remain vigilant

Extreme levels of rainfall have been warned in Wardha district. According to the meteorological department, heavy rains have been warned in Wardha district till July 14. The district has received an average rainfall of 375 mm or 42.9 per cent (June to September average rainfall) from June 1 to July 11. The upper Wardha dam on the Wardha river flowing through Wardha district is 60.36 per cent full on July 11, and due to the ongoing rains in the catchment area of ​​the dam, flood waters are likely to be released into the Wardha river basin in the next 72 hours. Therefore, people living on the banks of the river should take proper precautions and should not cross the river bed. The seven gates of the lower Wardha dam have been opened by 30 cm, out of which 178.73 (cubic m / s) of water is being discharged, alerting the villages on the banks of the river Wardha.

Gadchiroli Rain Updates for next two days

The Chief Minister has inspected the flood situation in the district and a red alert has been issued in Gadchiroli district on 12th and 13th. The meteorological department has forecast heavy rains in Gadchiroli district in the next 48 hours. Last night, the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister inspected the situation and held a meeting. The intensity of rain has decreased yesterday.

Mumbai Rain Two Days Orange Alert

Rains have lashed Mumbai and its suburbs. Heavy rains have started in South Mumbai. Also, water storage has started in many low lying areas. Traffic is slow in areas where water is stored. Heavy rain is falling in Mahim, Dadar, Paral and Byculla areas. The meteorological department has issued an ‘orange alert’ for the next two days in Mumbai. The rains in Mumbai have not yet affected the Mumbai local service. Local service is running smoothly.

Heavy rains in Baramati area

Baliraja is happy with the presence of light and moderate rains in the taluka including Indapur city. The month of June was marked by rains. However, due to the onset of rains in Indapur taluka for the last few days, there is an atmosphere of happiness among the farmers. Due to torrential rains in Mulshi, Khadakwasla dam area, Ujani dam has also accumulated five and a half TMC of water.

In Yavatmal, water continued to flow in the city of Arni

It has been raining continuously since last evening in Umarkhed taluka of Yavatmal. The road has been closed due to water on the side of the bridge near Pusad Dahagaon. Last year, four people were killed when a bus fell into the water on the same bridge. The government built a new bridge but there is water on the side of the road. This road was also closed due to flooding in the nallah near Umarkhed Dhanki Zadgaon Ujad.

Heavy rains lashed the city of Arni for two days, flooding many parts of the city. The Arunavati river in the city is overflowing due to heavy rains since midnight. Similarly, the water of this river flowed into the nala and flooded the nala and the flood water infiltrated into the city.

Both Bhandardara and Nilwande dams 50 per cent full (Ahmednagar Rain)

Both Bhandardara and Nilwande dams are half full due to heavy rains in the last few days in the Bhandardara dam catchment area of ​​Ahmednagar district. Also, the Titvi small scale irrigation project in Akole taluka overflowed at full capacity at 6 pm on Monday. The storage capacity of this reservoir is 303 gallons. Due to overflow of Titvi reservoir, new water has started flowing into Nilwande dam. Heavy rains have been falling in the catchment areas of Ghatghar, Ratanwadi, Samrad and Panjre since last week and many small dams have overflowed.

Rapid rise in water level of Krishna river (Sangli)

Due to incessant rains, the water level of Krishna river has started rising rapidly. Krishna’s water level was found to have risen to 18 feet this morning. Although the discharge from the Koyna dam into the Krishna river basin has not started yet, the water level has risen due to the rains falling only in the river basin. On the other hand, the Chandoli Dam is 50 per cent full due to heavy rains in the area since last week.

Presence of rain in Washim

Washim district has received heavy rains since morning and occasional heavy rains. Although it is raining heavily in Karanja taluka, nowhere in the district has the village lost contact with the rains. However, Baliraja is happy as it is raining well

High rainfall in Lonawala

Lonavala received the highest rainfall of the season. It has received 220 mm of rainfall in the last 24 hours. So far 1522 mm of rain has fallen. In the last six days alone, 952 mm of rain has fallen. The waterfalls in Lonavla area started flowing.

Rainy season in Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri district is also receiving heavy rains at present. The rains lashed most parts of the district from midnight to dawn. But now the rains have taken a toll. The Jagbudi river in Khed was flowing above the danger level due to heavy rains yesterday. The warning level of this river is five meters and the danger level is seven meters. However, the water level of Jagbudi river in Khed has decreased due to the recent rains. However, the administration along with the citizens are also vigilant in view of the rain warning given to the meteorological department. Currently, NDRF teams have also been deployed in the district.

For the fifth day in a row in Parbhani

It is raining continuously for the 5th day in a row in Parbhani. This has led to an increase in water storage in the project. Yeldari has seen an increase of 2.14 per cent while the Lower Dudhna project has seen an increase of 7 per cent. Rains started late this year in Parbhani district. However, it has been raining continuously in the district for the last five days. As a result, the crop has flourished and the water storage in the project has increased significantly. Soybean, cotton and other crops are getting the desired monsoon this year. Therefore, crop growth is getting better. Also, due to good rainfall in Yeldari and Lower Dudhna project areas, water storage in Yeldari has increased by 2.14 per cent while in Lower Dudhna project it has increased by 7 per cent.

Orange alert today in Jalna district including Aurangabad; The inflow of Jayakwadi dam increased

The rains will continue till July 15 in Marathwada and an orange alert has been issued to Jalna district including Aurangabad today. Two thousand people have been evacuated due to floods in Hingoli district due to rains in two days. In both Aurangabad and Jalna districts, the administration is taking precautionary measures in the wake of heavy rains.

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