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Maharashtra Teachers Bike Rally For Old Pension Scheme Demanded To Scrape National Pension Scheme

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Mumbai: In order to implement the Old Pension Scheme, a bike rally was organized today in various places of the state on behalf of the State Government Employees Central Association. Teachers from many places in the state including Beed, Washim, Ratnagiri participated in this. These teachers have also warned that they will march directly against the ministry if their demands are not met in the coming time.

The teachers took out a bike rally today to demand that the old pension scheme should be implemented for the teachers who were appointed in the year 2005, at the same time NPS should be closed and the old pension scheme should be implemented. The old government has demanded about this many times, the old pension scheme has not been implemented despite their assurances. Therefore, these teachers have requested the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde that the new government should fulfill our demands.

Slogan raising in front of Collectorate in Beed

In Beed today, hundreds of teachers took out a motorcycle rally at the Collectorate. The angry teachers raised slogans in front of the collector’s office as their demands were not met even after holding marches and agitations for the past several years. The teachers have also warned the state government that they will march directly against the ministry if their demands are met in the future.

Teachers bike rally in Washim

A motorcycle rally was organized today from Washim Collectorate to demand implementation of the old definitional pension scheme (OPS) and other demands for government/semi government non-judicial employees of the state of Maharashtra. All these employees held placards and slogans demanding their rights at various places in the city. All the staff-teachers are of the opinion that it is in the best interest of the old Defined Pension Scheme (OPS) to abolish the New Contributory Scheme (NPS) for social security. Recently, the states of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Goa have implemented the old Defined Pension Scheme (OPS), replacing the New Pension Scheme (NPS) for their state government employees. Maharashtra is a progressive thinking state like other states, it was demanded that the reformed policy regarding NPS should be implemented in the state of Maharashtra.

Bike rally of 1500 employees in Ratnagiri district

All the government employees of Ratnagiri district organized a bike rally to implement the old pension scheme. The bike rally was held between the Social Court and the Collectorate. Nearly one and a half thousand employees participated in the bike rally. The old pension scheme dates back to 1982. The employees had a pension scheme for their right after retirement. But, on November 1, 2005, the government canceled the old pension scheme and introduced a new scheme in the form of NPS. As this scheme is share market based, the future of the employees is dark. Therefore, it is the urgent demand of all the employees that the new pension scheme i.e. NPS should be canceled and the old pension scheme should be implemented and the government should restore the rights of the employees. A statement has also been given to the Collector of Ratnagiri in this regard.

Teachers protest in Parbhani

Officials and employees of various departments across the district have taken out a two-wheeler rally in Parbhani to demand that the contributory pension scheme be canceled and the old pension scheme implemented for government, semi-government, teaching and non-teaching employees in the state.

State Government Employees Central Association along with other officers and employees organized a two-wheeled rally today from Jayakwadi Colony area of ​​Parbhani city through the administrative building to the collector office by placing various placards of their demands on two-wheelers. .

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