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miracle ! After 30 hours the child came out alive from the rubble of the building, hope was lost

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Miracle Baby Of Jordan: There is a Hindi proverb – Jako rakhe saiyan mar sake na koi. It has not been said just like this, but in fact, no one else can kill whom God himself protects. You must have seen many such examples, when death has left by touching someone at all or in some impossible situation someone has come back after saving life. One such video is going viral at the moment, in which a small child (Baby Pulled Out of Rubble After 30 Hours) was pulled alive 30 hours after the 4-storey building collapsed.

If the whole building starts shaking or collapsing due to earthquake or any other reason, then it is very difficult to save life. Older people still try to run here and there, but this is not possible for small children either. In such a situation, if the life of a child (Miracle Baby Comes Out Alive after 30 Hours) is saved after 30 hours, then what would it be called if it is not a miracle?

4-month-old baby came out of the rubble
A residential building in Jabal al-Weibdeh in Amman, Jordan collapsed. A total of 14 people died in this accident after the 4-storey building collapsed. The rescue operation was started only after the incident, but after 30 hours, a 4-month-old baby Malak was pulled out from the rubble. The surprising thing is that the child did not suffer any injuries, except dust and dirt, according to the report of Metro UK. He was immediately taken to the hospital and he is completely fine. A video of this incident is going viral on social media.

The mother had left the child in the basement
The mother of the girl named Malak had dropped her in the basement of the building with a friend as she herself was on her way to deliver an order. This accident happened shortly after his departure. Experts say that being in the basement saved the child’s life. The child’s mother told AFP that she was confident of her child’s survival.

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