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Nanded Rain Maharashtra Rains Latest News Updates Nanded Godavari Flood Live Update

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Nanded Rain: The state (Maharashtra Rain) has been receiving heavy rains for the last few days. It has been raining heavily in Nanded district for the last eight days. The rains have intensified in the last two days and Godavari, Panganga, Manjra, Manyad and Sita rivers in the district are overflowing. Meanwhile, due to torrential rains in the upper part of Asana river area in the district, the river is flowing above the danger level. As a result, Nanded-Malegaon National Highway, Nanded-Wasmat State Highway, Nanded-Purna National Highway, Kinwat Nanded National Highway have been closed for traffic due to water flowing from the bridges of major national highways connecting Nanded city.

Nanded Waghala Municipal Corporation’s brass open

Due to torrential rains for the last two days, the roads in Nanded have been flooded and the roads have turned into ponds. Meanwhile, the Nanded Municipal Corporation has not cleaned the pre-monsoon nallas, which has resulted in knee-deep water on all the major roads in the city. The brass of Nanded Waghala Municipal Corporation has been exposed due to such a sewer of the city due to lack of cleaning in the first rains.

The only thirst quenching project in Nanded district is 80 per cent full due to heavy rains. The district has completed 90 per cent sowing and has received about 200 mm of rainfall so far. Due to torrential rains for the last eight days, water has been carried away from several small and large bridges on Kinwat, Himayatnagar, Hadgaon, Tamsa, Malegaon, Ardhapur and Bhokar National Highways, causing traffic congestion on the highway.

Many villages including Chikhali, Pimpalgaon, Kondha, Nila, Ekdara, Alegaon, Degaon, Kasarkheda, Ganpur, Mudkhed have been flooded. On the other hand, houses in Mudkhed, Nanded, Ardhapur, Umri, Mukhed, Biloli and Hadgaon have been flooded due to rain.

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