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Nasa Reveals 5 New Images From James Webb Space Telescope Of Universe Galaxy Evolution Black Holes Marathi News

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James Webb Space Telescope: The US space agency NASA has released four new color photos from its most powerful space telescope, James Webb. NASA claims that these are by far the most high-resolution color photos in the universe.

4 new photos released by NASA
NASA has released four new photos of the universe taken from the James Webb Telescope. These pictures capture beautiful views of the Milky Way galaxy in space. NASA said the telescope has recently expanded the world’s view of the universe. On Monday, NASA recently released a photograph. The first picture was filled with galaxies, the darkest and most amazing view of the universe ever seen.

Five galaxies together
This picture shows five galaxies together. Four of these are connected to each other, while one is separate. These colliding galaxies are pulling and pulling each other in a gravitational dance. The James Webb Space Telescope will enhance your knowledge of the formation of stars and the interactions of gases between them.

Beautiful photos of the Ring Planetary Nebula
This picture shows the southern ring planetary nebula. Also called NGC 3132. Light clouds are dust and gas clouds in space. Gas usually consists of hydrogen, helium and ionized gases. They can be millions of kilometers long.

Color pictures of star formation

This James Webb Space Telescope photo shows small stars hidden behind a curtain of dust and gas in the cosmic cliffs. This photo shows the early stages of star formation.

Color picture of two disappearing stars
The second image of the NGC 3132 nebula shows two stars disappearing. A dim star that is limited to a small bright star in its orbit is slowly disappearing. So the air and dust inside this star is coming out. Over thousands of years, these fragile, gaseous layers have spread throughout the surrounding space.

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