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People get in awe as soon as they see the big horns of a spider, what will happen if they get bitten?

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Do You Know About Horned Spider: There are all kinds of animals on earth. Some are dangerous to look at and they are also big in size. We keep distance only after seeing them, but there are some creatures, which are not so big in appearance, but are considered poisonous. Such animals include scorpions, some species of chameleons and spiders. They can even take human life with their poison.

You must have seen spiders in many places. She weaves webs in seconds. If the spiders are small, then they do not cause much harm, but some big spiders are very dangerous and poisonous. A spider with similar horns is called Macracantha arcuata. She has long horns and looks so dangerous in appearance that you will be in awe. That thing is different, its truth is quite the opposite.

People get scared seeing spider horns
The structure of the male and female is the same in the horned spider ie Macracantha arcuata. The spine of these spiders is in the lower part of their abdomen i.e. from their abdomen. However, in female spiders it comes upwards. The bones of their spine are not 1 but 3 pairs i.e. 6. The middle of these is the bone, which you see in the form of horns. They lean slightly towards each other. This bone is 3 times bigger than a spider, while the other four bones are smaller. This is the reason why people get scared after seeing a spider with big horns.

What harm can a spider do?
These spiders are also found in the forests of China and our country. It is a spider of the genus Macracantha, on which there is a shell-like thing, whose color can be yellow, red or even white and black. However, there is no change in their horns. Although the usefulness of these horns is not understood much, but biologists say that due to this, it becomes difficult for birds or lizards to eat them. Although these horned spiders are not harmful to humans, but seeing them close by can give you goosebumps.

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