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Petrol Diesel Price In Mumbai Today 24 June 2022 Check Latest Rate With Citiwise Full List Know Today New Fuel Prices According To Iocl Marathi News

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Petrol Diesel Price in Mumbai Today 24 June 2022: By government oil companies Petrol-diesel(Petrol Diesel Price) Today’s new rates have been announced. Today is Friday, June 24 Petrol (Petrol Price) and no change in the new rates of diesel. Crude prices have started rising again in the international market. Anyway, petrol from government oil companies-DieselThere has been no increase or decrease in the price of diesel.

International crude oil prices continue to fluctuate. Similarly, today, the price of Brent crude in the international market has reached 110 110.7 per barrel, while US crude is selling WTI at a price above 10 105 per barrel. The price of crude oil has gone up by about डॉलर 1 more than the previous day’s price. However, state-owned oil companies have not changed the rates of petrol and diesel announced this morning.

Rates in metropolitan areas of the country

New rates for petrol and diesel have also been announced in Mumbai, the country’s financial capital. In Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, petrol is priced at Rs 111.35 per liter and diesel at Rs 97.28 per liter. Even in Delhi, the capital city of the country, petrol and diesel prices are stable. In the capital Delhi, a liter of petrol costs Rs 96.72 and a liter of diesel costs Rs 89.62. In Kolkata, petrol is priced at Rs 106.03 per liter and diesel at Rs 92.76 per liter. In Chennai, petrol is priced at Rs 102.63 per liter and diesel at Rs 94.24 per liter.

What are the rates in important cities of Maharashtra?

In Mumbai, Maharashtra, petrol is priced at Rs 111.35 per liter and diesel at Rs 97.28 per liter on Thursday. Also in Greater Mumbai, petrol is priced at Rs 111.53 per liter and diesel at Rs 97.45 per liter. Today, petrol in Pune costs Rs 111.93 per liter and diesel Rs 96.38 per liter. In Nashik, petrol is priced at Rs 111.25 per liter and diesel at Rs 95.73 per liter. In Nagpur, petrol is priced at Rs 111.41 per liter and diesel at Rs 95.92 per liter. In Kolhapur, petrol is priced at Rs 111.02 per liter and diesel at Rs 95.54 per liter.

Where and how to see Petrol Diesel Price?

Of Indian Oil IndianOil ONE Mobile App You can know the fuel rates at your nearest Indian Oil petrol pump by downloading on your mobile.

On Indian Oil’s website https://iocl.com/Products/PetrolDieselPrices.aspx Petrol Diesel Price can be viewed in a simple way.

Petrol and diesel prices can also be found via SMS. According to the information given by Indian Oil’s website, by giving RSP and space by dropping your city code 92249992249 I want to send an SMS to this number. This code can be found on Indian Oil’s website. (City codes are given on Indian Oil’s website).

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