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Pune Rain News Students Safely Released From Flood By Teachers In Maval Guru Purnima 2022

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Pune Rains : On the eve of Guru Purnima, an event that unites the Guru disciple Pune It has happened in Maval of the district. The Guru led his disciples out of the stream of water. More than seventy students have been handed over to their parents by Human Chain. Students and parents thanked all the gurus as soon as they were released from the water.

He is a teacher and student of Chhatrapati Shivaji Vidyalaya, Bhadwali, Maval. The stream on the village roads was flooded by yesterday’s rains. Huge water started flowing on these roads from the surrounding fields. The situation changed when I arrived at school in the morning. Then water started flowing from the stream to the knees. Going beyond the stream in such a situation would be like risking one’s life. As a result, there was an atmosphere of anxiety among about seventy students, parents and teachers in the village across the river. The school was finally closed. All the teachers came with companions and then decided to make a human chain and escape from the flood of the stream.

The frightened students were asked by the teachers to hold each other’s hands and they started waiting in the water. Then all the teachers stood like a wall on both sides of the students. Gradually, the students started coming out of this difficult situation, and a smile started appearing on their faces. In this way, the teachers faced the flow of water and handed over the students safely to the parents. So the parents thanked all these teachers. Coincidentally, this happened on the eve of Gurupournima. This underlined why the relationship between Guru and disciples is inseparable.

Red alert for Pune city for next two days
So far 30 per cent area has been planted in Pune district. This includes paddy and other crops. The crop has been planted on 46000 hectares. If the rains continue like this, the amount of crop cultivation will increase. A red alert has been issued to the city for the next two days. For the last three to four days, torrential rains have been falling in Pune city and in the vicinity of the dam area, so the Khadakwasla dam has 100 per cent water storage capacity. Baliraja is happy with the presence of light and moderate rains in the taluka including Indapur city. Lonavla received the highest rainfall of the season. The waterfalls in Lonavla area started flowing.

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