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Raj Thackeray Nagpur News 10 Years Boy Waiting For Autograph At Ravi Bhawan

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Raj Thackeray Vidarbha Tour : MNS President Raj Thackeray (MNS Raj Thackeray) is on Vidarbha Tour for five days from today. His tour is starting today from Nagpur. At the beginning of this tour, a strange incident has come to light. It is always said that Raj Thackeray and his oratorical style have appeal to the general public. But the influence of Raj Thackeray’s personality is even on the little ones. An incident that brings a proof of this happened today in Nagpur. A ten-year-old boy named Advait Patki had been waiting in front of the hotel since morning with his grandmother insisting that he wanted to meet Raj Thackeray.

When Raj Thackeray entered the hotel around 9:30, some workers from Nagpur saw this little boy standing in the corner. He was advised to go to Ravi Bhavan and meet Raj Thackeray in the afternoon. But the child and his grandmother were not ready to move from there. Finally he was admitted to the hotel. Activists told Raj Thackeray that ‘a ten-year-old boy wants to meet us, he has been starving since morning’. Then Raj Thackeray, who was staying on the upper floor, sent a message to the little boy who was staying on the ground floor. ‘You have breakfast first, eat something. Only after that I will meet you and give you my autograph,” said Raj Thackeray.

As directed by Raj Thackeray, the toddler had his breakfast and then it was five minutes past eleven when Raj Thackeray left the hotel to go to Ravi Bhavan. So first of all he met Advai after coming out of the lift. He autographed him on the diary he had brought with him and after greeting Raj Thackeray left for Ravi Bhavan. Advait, who said he liked Raj Thackeray’s speech, returned home satisfied with Raj Thackeray’s autograph.

Meetings at Nagpur, Chandrapur and Amravati in Mission Vidarbha

Raj Thackeray will hold meetings in Nagpur, Chandrapur and Amravati in Mission Vidarbha starting today. Raj Thackeray, who left Mumbai yesterday by Vidarbha Express, reached Nagpur today around half past eight. He was given a warm welcome at Nagpur railway station. On this occasion MNS workers had gathered in a big crowd. Along with this, Raj Thackeray was given a warm welcome by shouting loud slogans. Raj Thackeray is going to hold meetings with office bearers in Nagpur today. Raj Thackeray will review the organizational structure. Apart from this, he will also meet various dignitaries during this tour.

Raj Thackeray’s Mission Vidarbha
Raj Thackeray is on a tour of Vidarbha for 5 days from today for party building.
Raj Thackeray will hold an organizational meeting with workers from Nagpur city and rural at 11 am today at Ravi Bhavan Circuit House.
September 19- Gathibheti and press conference of Raj Thackeray will be held. After that they will leave for Chandrapur at 2 pm.
They will be given a warm welcome in Chandrapur and department wise meetings will be held.
September 20, 21- Department wise meetings will be held in Amravati.
Raj Thackeray will return to Mumbai on September 22.

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