Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Rohan Shah & Shruti Shah from Bollywood Dance School UK connects Global communities through Dance.

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What does a dancer dream? He dreams of learning more dance routines and excel in his field but along with this he wants to connect with the people of same passion.

Rohan Shah & Shruti Shah from Bollywood Dance School UK connects Global communities through Dance.

Rohan Shah and Shruti Shah made every dancer’s dream come true with their Bollywood Dance School UK. This School not only helps dance students to learn dance but also helps to connect with dancers across globe. At Bollywood Dance School UK, aims to provide quality dance training along with connecting global communities through dance.


Rohan Shah and Shruti Shah BDS UK gives opportunity to meet new people whilst developing your performing art skills through a wide range of disciplines. Training does not cease with the dance routines there are ample other things which students ought to learn for example costumes and properties designing. The aim is to provide platform to dancers to learn their favorite dance styles through the course, design costumes and properties with people from different communities regardless of age and experience.


Further the BDS UK offers intensive programs for dancers who want to learn the advances nuances and variations for dance and performing arts. The intensive program is designed to provide opportunity to train and study dance in a professional yet in warm environment. Training dance not cease with the intensive program. Students who excel gets the invitation to join the company dance team and can pass knowledge onto new BDS UK family dancers by becoming junior instructor.


These opportunities are helping dancers across globe to connect and share the same space for their passion. Sharing the same space with same passion followers helps the individual to grow in terms of skills and discipline. Only few know how to execute the idea, and Rohan Shah and Shruti Shah has done this immense job. The BDS UK welcomes talented people into their warm and friendly environment to get connected to different communities across globe through dance.

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