Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Ryat Kranti Sangathan Leaders Met The Chief Minister Eknath Shinde Regarding The Farmer Issue

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Rayat Kranti Sanghatana : The Ryat Kranti Organization has become aggressive regarding the various demands of the farmers. Officials of Rayat Kranti Sanghatana met Chief Minister Eknath Shinde today regarding various demands including onion price. A demand was also made on this occasion that the right of vote given to the farmer should be implemented in the market committee. Also, demands were made to give incentives and subsidies to the export of onions, and to decide a long-term policy regarding onions. If the demands are not accepted, the Ryat Kranti Sanganthan has also warned to take to the streets.

Farmers are in trouble as the price is not equal to the cost of production

Farmers in the state are in trouble due to fall in onion prices. Farmers are getting a big financial hit. Due to this, the Ryat Kranti Organization has become aggressive. A delegation of Ryat Kranti Sangathan headed by Regional President Deepak Bapu Pagar met Chief Minister Eknath Shinde today due to non-implementation of voting rights of farmers in the market committee. From the last 5 to 7 months, the onion farmers are not getting the price equal to the production cost of onion. Due to this, the onion uptadak farmer has come to a big financial problem. Summer onion is stored in onion chali for six months. There is a great decline in his wrist movement. Similarly, due to the change in nature, the rate of spoilage of onions is increasing. Also, in the last year, the production cost of onions grown with great difficulty has increased four times. Today, onion is going at a bargain price when the onion producer is in desperation due to lack of wages, fertilizers, diesel, light.

A long term policy should be decided regarding onion. This export policy should be such that the countries of the world will trust our country. Also, the Fadnavis-Shinde government had announced to give the farmers the right to vote in the market committee. But, it is not being implemented today. However, it was also requested that farmers should be given the right to vote in the market committee immediately.

What exactly are the demands?

1) Subsidy should be given on incentive to export onions

2) Implementation of voting rights to farmers in Agricultural Produce Market Committee.

3) Providing transportation subsidy for domestic onion

4) A subsidy of Rs 800 per quintal should be announced immediately for onion sold in the market committee.

5) Onion purchased by NAFED should not be sent for sale in the market, so the price of onion in the market will remain stable to some extent.

6) The central government should announce a guaranteed price of 30 rupees for onions and give orders through advertising.

7) Employment guarantee scheme should be implemented from crop sowing to crop harvesting. So that the cost of production of the farmers will be reduced and only then the farmer will survive.

Demands etc. have been made on behalf of the Ryat Kranti Sangathan. Regional president of Ryat Kranti Shetkar Sangathan Deepak Bapu Pagar and the delegation with him requested that the government should give justice to the onion farmers considering these demands. If these demands are not accepted, the Ryat Kranti Sangathan has also warned to take to the streets.

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