Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Sarvesh Goel, a social entrepreneur creating a miracle in this world of digitization

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Sarvesh Goel is a social entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology and purpose-driven business. His entrepreneurial interest lies in the area of the hospitality sector & education.

Humanity is always moving forward with innovation once the global quality of social life improves. The last few years have seen the most notable advancement of technology in the history of India. Where technological development has boosted productivity, it has also catered to global economic development. In recent times in social life, Sarvesh Goel has emerged as the powerful Social Entrepreneur and has helped in moving the business ecosystem forward.

Sarvesh Goel will surely create a miracle in this world of digitization in the near future, by promoting the value and growth of the digital medium, Without a shadow of a doubt.

Putting all your eggs in one basket or not having more than one string to your bow is a mistake many aspiring entrepreneurs make. Focusing all your attention and endeavor on one project is admirable, but if the project fails, you better have a plan B to fall back on. In other words, expansion and diversification are the keys to success. It’s a lesson that the multi-faceted Sarvesh Goel learned at a young age and has never forgotten.

“Capitalizing on multiple markets is the only way to stay on top of the game,” says Sarvesh Goel.

The Lucknow-based entrepreneur elaborates, “I’m an individual who is heavily invested in a variety of fields – real estate, hospitality, and of course education. Being involved in these different industries keeps me on my toes and makes life interesting. More than that, it gives me a multi-faceted portfolio capable of weathering the fiercest economic storms. Being married to one revenue stream can be extremely detrimental, and it always pays to keep your options open.”

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