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Shiv Sena Rebel Mla Sada Sarvankar Answer On Over Firing On Prabhadevi

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Mumbai : “Social media should be answered from social media itself. It is not right to go home and beat. This is all to defame me. I have become an MLA after doing work. They are trying to defame me because I went with Eknath Shinde,” alleged Shinde group MLA Sada Saravankar. (Sada Sarvankar) on Shiv Sena.

In Prabhadevi in ​​Mumbai, the Shivsena and the Shinde group had a night fight. This time, MLA Sada Sarvankar (Shinde Group MLA Sada Sarvankar) is being accused of firing at him. Prabhadevi Sada Saravankar is accused of firing two times. According to Shiv Sena’s claim, Shiv Sena’s department head Mahesh Sawant and a police officer survived Saravankar’s firing. However, Saravankar held a press conference and dismissed the allegations against him. I have a gun license. But, I did not fire. Saravankar has accused Shiv Sena of trying to defame me because I went with Eknath Shinde.

Saravankar said, “During the festival, there should not be any kind of discord between each other. We came home last night after the police intervened. But last night, one of our activists was beaten up. So I went there. There should not be any such arguments. What happened ended there then the matter should not have been raised further. Thackeray group workers attacked our workers. After getting this information I went there.

“No matter how much they try to defame me, let us answer the defamation with action. We went to Prabhadevi to calm the situation. I have not committed any crime. I have a gun license. The police will do their job. It is not right for people who have been in the same family for years to argue. I did not take care that there would be no controversy. There was no firing from my hands. However, they are trying to defame me by giving it a different form,” said Saravankar.

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Shivsena : Prabhadevi Rada: MLA Sada Saravankar fired? Police are investigating

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