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Sominder Singh is preaching ins and outs of business through podcasts.

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Beginning an undertaking isn’t easy nowadays. In any case, consider the possibility that somebody is offering help to the newcomers in the space of new businesses as far as possible. Sominder Singh is the individual who is doing this. He directed a large number of individuals with new companies from start to finish. He is the voice behind the podcast “Fundraising Made Easy“.

Sominder Singh- Through his podcast, Sominder stays with the organizers ceaselessly, from beginning a business to picking a social event and up until truly raising funds. Sominder’s central goal is to make this world a predominant spot by assisting businesses and people to effectively raise funds.

Sominder Singh’s podcast Fundraising Made Easy covers the following key points of business:

Connection to the problem is not necessary:

In the 10-minute session of this podcast, Sominder talks about how the connection to the problem your start-up is solving is not important.

Do not fake it to make it!

Tell your investor the real reason you are into the scene. Even if that is money. You might not have a personal connection but a member of your team might understand it. Investors are into it for the money. So, be honest and give them the right answer. He also shared one of his personal experiences and how it worked in his favor.

Hiring advisors is a bad idea:

Hiring advisors at the beginning of a venture might not be a good idea and naturally won’t do you any favors. Having an advisor so early might scare off the investors as they might think you are not confident enough for your own venture. Do what is right for you to attract investors.

The fastest way to close your funding round:

It is not about building relations. Investors are not looking forward to being flattered; they might come across many people. When you have the required data, talk to as many investors as you can. And fulfill your purpose.

And well, exceptions are everywhere.

There are many more useful suggestions and ways that Sominder passes on through his podcast.

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