Babitaji does service and Jethalal misses the point everyone is happy but then Jethalal exclaims as it was just a trial and not a point. Then Goli starts the game. Babita scores one point and then Jethalal scores one and so on the scoreboard continues and there is a balance of 9 points each. Then Iyer tells Jethalal that if he wants to quit the game then he can but then Jethalal tells the umpire to make Iyer silent as he wants to concentrate on the game. Then Goli tells Iyer, uncle, to be quiet and to continue the game. Then Babita scores a point and she only needs one point to win. Then Jethalal scores a point and the score is equal to 10 points. Both of them need one point each to win. Then Iyer cheers up Babita again. Jethalal gets frustrated again and then Goli tells Iyer that if he says anything now then he won’t get a phone as a gift from Jetha uncle.

Then Goli apologizes to Jethalal and tells them to start the final point. Then the game resumes and then Babita tries to hit back but the shuttle cock is seen nowhere and then everyone notices that the shuttle cock is stuck in the bat. Then they make a settlement of the game and Babita and Jethalal both decide to give Rasgulla party to everyone tomorrow morning. Then everyone goes home. Then Jethalal liked their game but his body ached. He tries to relax his body and then he sees that Bapuji is seating and sleeping on the couch. Then Jethalal tries to wake up Chachaji, but Chachaji screams and gets scared. But Jethalal makes him relax and tells him that don’t worry it is him. Then Jethalal asks Chachaji why was he sleeping here.

Then Chachaji tells him that he was sleeping he was just praying. Then Chachaji tries to go into his room but he can’t as his legs are paining. Jethalal tells them that he will pick him up and tries to pick him up but he can’t pick him up. Then he helps Bapuji to walk him into his room. Then Jethalal gives a leg massage to Bapuji and makes him relax. Then Bapuji tells him to stop and Jethalal goes into his room to sleep. Bapuji notices that Jethalal has a hand pain and the Bapu Ji comes into Jethalal’s room to give Jethalal a hand massage and complete their father’s duty. Then Jethalal denies it and tells Bapuji that he has done so much for him that he can’t even imagine but Chachaji insists and applies balm to Jethalal’s hand and Jethalal feels relieved.

Picture Credit- Sony Liv

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