Today’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah starts with Tapu Sena along with Bhide waiting in the clubhouse for Jethalal. Jethalal enters the clubhouse and gets shocked to see Bhide and screams. Then Tapu Sena calls him back and asks why he told them to wait. Then Jethalal hands over the Cricket kit to Tapu Sena and discloses the surprise. Tapu Sena becomes very happy and opens the kit. They find 2 bats, a box of balls and cricket stumps. Bhide asks Jethalal as to why did he bring it as Tapu Sena will again break everyone’s window glass. Jethalal tells Bhide that, Tapu Sena is the light of the society and lets them play.

Then in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Tapu Sena checks the cricket kit and asks why he brought 2 bats, to which Jethalal replies that he brought the smaller one for Sonu. Bhide and Sonu thank Jethalal. Then Jethalal tells everyone to close their eyes again as he has one more surprise for them. Bhide exclaims that Jethalal is in good mood. Then everyone closes their eyes and Jethalal rushes out and brings a bag. Goli smells something tasty and then Jethalal tells them to open their eyes and Jethalal surprises them with pastries. Everyone is happy and they seat and enjoy the pastry. Tapu Sena once again thanks Jethalal and then Bhide and Jethalal go home and Tapu Sena waits in the clubhouse.

Then Tapu Sena in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah decides to surprise Jethalal as he gave them a lovely surprise. They think of various ideas and then Goli has the best idea and discusses it with everyone. The next morning Tapu Sena goes to Jethalal’s house and tells Bapuji what is their surprise and why have they planned this surprise. Then Goli tells Bapuji to help them and then Bapuji joints their hands and tells Jethalal to go inside and wait till he calls. Then Tapu Sena organises the dining table with Jethalal’s favourite breakfast, takes flower petals in their hand and then Bapuji calls Jethalal out. And then Gogi calls out Jethalal as Maharaj and then Sonu sings Daya’s famous Aarti and brings Jethalal to the dining table and Jethalal is all surprised and happy to see jalebi-fafda.

Picture Credit- Sony Liv

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