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The camel fell in the desert, took his life to get up, the IAS officer shared the video and said- ‘The one who did not fight lost!’

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Camels are called the ships of the desert. Camels run so fast in the desert as if a car is running. But they also fall many times. Recently a video is going viral in which a camel falls on a desert sand hill and rises with great difficulty. Seeing her hard work to get up (Camel trying hard to get up in desert viral video) you will feel that she really does not give up on those who try!

IAS officer Arpit Verma often posts unique videos on his Twitter account. Recently he has shared a video which is quite motivating. The specialty of this video is the camel seen in it. Through this video of Camel trying to get up motivational video, we are giving a lesson to the people that any living being can be successful only by trying.

Camel worked hard in the desert
The viral video is of the vast desert. The sand is visible far and wide. A camel is seen falling on the slope of a sand dune. Due to the slippery slope, the camel falls over and over again. But he gets up on his knees. He is finding it difficult to establish his feet, so he is moving forward with the help of his knees. When he crosses the slope, he stands on his feet. With this video, Arpit wrote – ‘He who lost, did not fight!’

People reacted to the video
This video has got more than 1 lakh views, while many people have given their feedback by commenting. A person said – If the will power is strong, then even the most complex tasks of the world will be converted into simplicity. A person asked Arpit – Sir, some situation also arises in which a person breaks down, then what should be done. A person said that in life, a person can do anything by struggling. Many people seemed to agree with the IAS officer, while some also expressed their disagreement.

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