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‘The company is also monitoring the toilet break of the employees’, cameras have been installed in the washroom!

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Cameras in Office Toilet Booths: There are some countries in the world where employees are almost tortured in the name of job. They are not even allowed to look here and there except during working hours. The name of China comes at the top of the countries with such culture. Here, companies punish the employees like chaining dogs around their necks and feeding raw eggs in case the target is not met. Another company there (Weird Rules of Office) has done something similar.

Going to office and working does not mean that someone will stop living his life. However, a Chinese company is doing the same. He also objected to his employees going to the washroom. The company has also installed surveillance cameras on the toilet booths present in the office. Through this it is seen that who went to the toilet how many times and for how long.

Money is deducted for going to the toilet more
This company with strange rules is at a place named Xiamen in Fujian Province of China. A tech company named China Aviation Lithium Battery Technology has also installed cameras in the bathroom of its office, so that employees can be monitored on bathroom breaks. Some pictures related to this have gone viral on social media. It is also being told that till now 2 employees have been fired due to this system and the third one has to pay heavy fine. When the company was asked about this, they told that these cameras have been installed this year, so that people’s smoking habit in the toilet can be monitored. In the pictures going viral, two people have appeared in the toilet with cigarettes.

Such cases have come before
Although no company in China had installed cameras in toilet booths till now, but many companies have already made rules regarding toilet brakes. One company had deducted the salary of those employees who used to spend more time in the toilet, while some companies charge the employees for going to the toilet more than once. A company had even installed a timer in its toilet booth, so that the employees could not sit inside for a long time.

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