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The model moonwalked upside down in the swimming pool, a brilliant trick robbed people’s hearts

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People do such tricks that the head will be dizzy. Seeing the amazing talent, people can press their fingers under their teeth. There is something similar in that female model. Every video of him shows how much he loves water. This is the reason that she surprises people by performing one feat under the water. It is very difficult to balance the body under water in such a way that it can walk every step of its design. A great video of him is going viral on social media.

In the video shared on Instagram kristimakusha, a model performs such amazing feats in a swimming pool that people will fall in love with her. After doing a tremendous balance inside the water, he did a moon walk in reverse, then people were surprised to see him. The video has got more than 14 lakh views.

Woman did moonwalk inverted in water
A video of a female model Kristina Makushenko is going viral on social media. Where the moon was seen walking inside the swimming pool standing on its head. Yes, the view was very beautiful, Christina was under water, head towards the ground and feet touching the water above. In this position, she was seen doing moonwalk in the best way. Christina’s moon walk was not weak in any way, just as someone usually does a moon walk standing on the ground. She balances herself inside the water using only her hands and moves with her feet. People like this style of his very much, that is why when he walked in the water with the moon, people became his admirer.

Underwater Perfection
The video of Christina moonwalking in the water has been viewed and liked more than 1.4 million times. Christina keeps sharing videos of different feats inside the swimming pool on her social media account. Christina, who lives in Miami, is a professional dancer and underwater performer. This is the reason why his every performance is very perfect. Earlier, he also shared a video of him walking the ramp with his purse inverted under water, which went viral. According to the Instagram profile, Kristina Makushenko has been a four-time world champion in synchronized swimming.

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